Siri, translate: "Dwweerkweewdafsdllkjlkjeeeiakkkkwwwokkjj."

Hello. Have you seen this video? It features Rihanna. She's all dressed up and dancing like you'd usually expect, but when she opens her mouth, a very strange sound comes out.

"Dwweerkweewdafsdllkjlkjeeeiakkkkwwwokkjjj," says Rihanna.

If you had a hard time understanding that, don't worry. We've all been there; all said things that maybe others didn't understand. That's okay.

Though we may try our hardest, it's not always easy to say what we really mean. Maybe our mouth is full. Maybe we're trying to hablar español but no puedo. Or maybe we're speaking in code because we feel like our life is danger and we must convey an urgent message without risking it all. That's what might be happening with Rihanna in this video, and it's important we listen to her to find out.

Here are 11 urgent messages Rihanna may be trying to convey to us through a special language. Listen closely, and let's get deciphering, people!

1. "Guys! Timmy fell down the well by the old willow tree! Come quickly, his bones are shattered! There's blood everywhere! Is someone cooking bacon? Bacon?"

2. "Plaque can form on the teeth, so make sure to floss. Bazingas!"

3. "Methane is the true danger when it comes to greenhouse gases."

4. "A Drake is a male duck, and also a university in the Northeast."

5. "Can someone take me to the airport Thursday night, LOL? WILL PAY YOU IN HUGS!"

6. "Steven Avery did it."

7. "Anthrax is, personally, one of my favorite 80s bands because of the nasty bass riffs and foot-stomping rhythms, rock on!"

8. "Alkdnjafdddoaeieidewekkwekreakkkaekkweordadkjjjjj."

9. "When the sludge comes no one will be able to escape the sludge."

10. "A 'B' restaurant rating typically means the food is safe to eat, although the establishment may have problems with vermin, clutter or toxins. Best to stick to 'A' restaurants, especially if you have an important meeting or date that day."

11. "I have to poop."