With these insanely convenient hacks, you don't have to move a muscle or break the bank to kill it at sleeping outside.

Camping is super fun if your dad invented Google. But without the wallet to buy all the necessary equipment to glamp comfortably, it can feel more like you're homeless and less like you're just trying to reconnect with nature before the ayahuasca kicks in.

Thankfully, to combat this issue, we've compiled this list of borderline genius camping hacks for those of us who want break in the new tent without breaking the bank.

1. Antiperspirant as anti-itch after a bug bite

It’s the forest, there will be bugs. Next time you’re bitten, rub some anti-perspirant on the bite (not deodorant). The aluminum salts in antiperspirants absorb the fluid and limit the histamine reaction so you don’t look like a lost crackhead in the woods. 

2. Headlamp on empty gallon jug as lantern

Your cheap ass didn’t splurge on lanterns and now you’re stuck with two headlamps and a weak fire. Ghetto-rig a lantern by wrapping your headlamp around the empty water jug or nalgene. It’ll sufficiently serve as a lantern, and save you a few bucks.

3. Toilet paper roll with dryer lint for fire

Starting a fire should be easy. But sometimes it’s not. For an easy, steadfast firestarter, that’ll make you look like an Eagle Scout, stuff dryer lint into a toilet paper tube and light. The dryer lint burns no matter what and the cardboard tube helps to keep the flame burning. 

4. Greasy snack food as kindling: Fritos, potato chips

You’re a boy scout and fire is your middle name. Yet, kindling is either wet or hard to come by. Grab a few greasy potato chips or fritos and light them on fire. The grease will burn giving you perfect kindling for your raging fire.

5. Keep water cooler by wrapping it in foil

Nothing tastes better than a chilled glass of water when you’re dehydrated. Keep your water, or beer, cool by wrapping it in tin foil. It saves you storage space in the cooler and it’s a quick fix to when you forget more ice — which happens a lot.  

6. Johnson and Johnson baby lotion

Should you forget the most important thing for camping, bug spray, rub yourself down with that bottle of Johnson & Johnson baby lotion with Aloe and Vitamin E (Green bottle). Sure you won’t have any later for your “alone time” but you can obstain.

7. Baking soda

Think of Baking Soda as your swiss-army knife of camping randomness. It can be used for: brushing teeth, soothing a sour tummy, minor burn poultice, deodorizing, moisture absorption, leavening, and as a mild abrasive.

8. Quick and easy grill

You’re too cheap to purchase a portable grill. So, instead, pack a 12-egg carton with a charcoal piece in each spot. When you get to the campsite, light the entire carton. It will slowly burn and give you a simmering flame.

9. Nalgene warmer

Unfortunately, you’re sleeping alone on this cold, dark night, which means no warm body to cozy up to. Boil some water, dump it in a nalgene, wrap it in a sock and keep it in your sleeping bag for warmth. Hello love life!

10. Crayon candles

Be the caveman of the camp site and bring fire to all areas by lighting crayons on fire. You avoid the bulky candles when packing and crayons burn for up to 30 minutes. Plus, remember the delicious smell of melting crayons. 

11. Identify poisonous mushrooms

If you’re naked and afraid and in search of mushrooms, remember these three rules for identifying poisonous mushrooms: if it grows on trees, it’s most likely good, DO NOT eat umbrella looking ones, and gills are no good. Finally if you get sick, don’t sue Rooster.

12. Milk jug watering can

Need a simple and quick way to expunge the poison ivy on your skin? Poke holes in the top of your gallon water jug and turn it into a shower or watering can. Then again, who showers when they go camping?