"I'm not vaccinating my children …"

People say the darndest things … and by darndest, we mean head-shakingly, face-punchingly stupid things.

But ultimately, people spouting complete nonsense can be really, really useful. For example, there are a very specific set of phrases that, when someone says even one of them, will indicate that this person you're talking to is a complete moron and should never be spoken to again. Convenient, right?  

Well, the hardworking scientists over at Reddit have done it again, asking the entire first world: "What phrase or sentence can someone say to make you completely lose your respect for that person?"

The results filled us with sympathetic rage. But now we know who not to talk to. 

1) Proudly declaring they "Don't do computers."

If you're like 99 percent of the working world, you probably have to use a computer. My grandpa can do it, so I bet your lazy ass can learn. 

2) "I'm not cleaning up the mess that I made, that's the custodian's job."

Leave every place a little better than you found it, asshole. They're not gonna fire the custodian if the place is too clean. 

3) Anything implying that just because something is "natural" (whatever that means), it is good for you.

Arsenic is natural too. And while natural things can be better than man-made, it's still a stupid thing to say. 

4) "If you can't handle my flaws, then _________"

No, this is society. You have to act like an adult. Sorry. 

5) "Because we've always done it this way!"

That's what they said about slavery, not letting women vote and killing Indians. Don't be on the wrong side of history. 

6) "Well my doctor said I need to ______ but I don't think doctors know anything." Or alternately "My doctor said I need to _____ but my sister said that I'll be fine so I'm not going to listen to him."

The guy went through decades of medical school, for god's sake. If he says you need to eat healthy and exercise, no amount of Internet research can change his mind. 

7) "Flush out the toxins …"

You have kidneys and a liver, thank god. All they do is filter. You can't flush out anything. 

8) "My horoscope says…"

It's made up. Stop talking about it. The planets' alignment when you came out of your mom has nothing to do with your personality. 

9) "Chemtrails."

Shut the fuck up.

10) "I have no filter."

Then make one, you moron. 

11) "I'm not vaccinating my kids" or "vaccines give kids autism."

You're wrong, and you're going to kill them.

12) "Bisexuals should just pick a side,"or "Women can't rape guys," or "Transgender people are just confused." 

Who people fuck when both people give their consent is none of your business. When one person doesn't, that's rape. 

13) "I'm a better driver drunk/high."

You're wrong, and the cops would agree with that.