Tattoos and patched vests have officially replaced slacks and mom jeans …

Ample tattoos and fifteen pounds of metal screws secured to your jacket used to mean nobody wanted to fuck with you. To satisfy some primal angst, you rolled fast with the street kids while damning the man and fighting for the right to party every step of the way. But times change. You've changed.

Now, all the inked up rebels are softies, altered forever by the miracle (or curse, however you view it) of parenting. This isn't more apparent than at annual Riot Fest festivals each year. No longer are dads and moms defined by slacks, worn Levi belts and Velcro shoes. Tattoos and ripped jean jackets are the new fashion of today's parents, and we found a bunch at the 2016 Denver edition of the event. 

"Riot Fest is like Warped Tour for dads." — yup.

photos: Mike Kvackay