Just like those unnecessarily large and chaotic Thanksgiving dinners, Air Dubai is a sizable stage force with just the right mix of what’s-that-guy-doing-there style. While it may be just six members on stage, it’s the Partridge family in the band world. It would seem the effort is working. Air Dubai was recently picked up by 93.3’s KTCL on full rotation for its ear-catching single, “Warning,” featuring Patricia Lynn. The act also signed to Hopeless Records (Yellowcard, The Used) late last year. All that, along with a small wink and a nod from MTV (the M used to stand for music, honest) should no doubt be enough to catapult these fine gentlemen into musical significance.

Watch closely for their new album “Be Calm” and continue on for 20 questions with vocalist Julian Church.

1) What was everyone’s reaction to being heard on the radio for the first time?
We’ve been on the road since we started receiving regular rotation, so I still have yet to hear our single on the radio, interestingly enough. I did, however, watch our video on MTV the other day. Pretty cool.

2) After Barack, who do you think should be president?
Stephen Colbert still has my write-in vote every election.

3) What are some favorite songs from childhood?
“No Scrubs” by TLC was a huge one for me, as well as “Creep.” And “Waterfalls.” Pretty much anything TLC.

4) Are there any pre-show rituals?
An appropriate combination of meditation and whiskey always gets the job done.

5) What’s the best remedy for terrible man-smell in the tour van?
Usually, a girl.

6) Who does most of the driving?
The most sober one, always, which unfortunately tends to inspire spontaneously
aggressive drinking competitions for an excuse not to have to drive.

7) Local musicians we should be listening to?
Aaron Carter played the Oriental (in March); that makes him local right?

8) National musicians we should be listening to?
The National.

9) Should Pluto be allowed to be a planet again?
Should the Pope have a Twitter?

10) If it weren’t for music, what would you be doing?
Well I dropped out of CU’s architecture school to do music … so probably working at, like, American Apparel, or something.

11) Who has the best chance of dating Taylor Swift?
Aladdin, Peter Pan, Hercules? I don’t care. Just someone, for the love of god, put a fucking ring on it.

12) Best summer hangouts in Colorado?
Red Rocks is a given, it’s honestly the most magical place in Colorado.

13) How much love do you guys have for Colorado sports?
An appropriate amount.

14) Do you guys remember cassette tapes?

15) Those were pretty neat, right?

16) How would you describe the state of music right now?
Evolving. Eclectic. Entertaining. My hope is that within five years from now everyone ditches genre classification and rolls with it.

17) Do you think Kobe Bryant really did it?
Someone did it.

18) Where’s the best place to seek inspiration for new songs?
For me, on the road. Literally and literature-ly. Shout out to Jack Kerouac.

19) What’s everyone’s least favorite part about being a full-time musician?
Meeting new people, seeing the world, connecting with fans. Oh, and wristbands, I fucking hate wristbands.

20) Any regrets?
Yeah, just one. She was a bitch though.