It’s funny; we could be using the Internet for chronicling the atrocities of war, fighting corruption from the elite or to enact action from the masses. Alas, we mainly use it to Photoshop cats in wigs or to shamelessly enjoy sloppy drunken white girl fails.

Karmin’s pop-centric act uses the web and its dominant forces for something else, however. It’s built a solid following on YouTube with more than 200 million views. Before Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan head to Denver and the Summit Music Hall during their “Pulses Tour” on May 7, they sat down with us for a little session we like to call 20 Questions.

1. If Wikipedia is any bearing on the truth, Karmin’s says that you guys are only two days apart in age. Does this make for the best birthday-week ever?

Amy: Yes, this is true. Nick's birthday is the 27th and mine is the 29th, so sometimes Nick is a little too 'partied out' when mine comes around.

2. Now that “Pulses” is released for audiences, do you slow down in writing or is it something you continue to do?

No, we're always working on little things here and there, but we won't be going into to studio for a while probably.

3. Which of you has the longest get-ready time before a show?

Nick: Probably Amy- but she's still pretty fast, and does her own hair and make-up. 
Amy: Nick just buzzed his hair off, so that eliminates a lot of prep time right there.

4. Are there are any disadvantages to being trained at an acclaimed institution like Berklee College of Music?

There can be – there's a saying that you have to know the rules to break them, and sometimes if you're super musically educated you're hesitant to break the rules. But that's when you get the best stuff.

5. How about advantages, can you name a few for us?

Sure, you know the rules in the first place! It can help you communicate with other musicians, it gives you knowledge of different instruments and their ranges, and also allows to compose and create easier.

6. What popular artist – dead or alive – would you want to see as president?

I think John Lennon would of been pretty interesting – except he probably never wanted to be President in the first place.

7. If he / she were president right now what do you think they’d make their first order of business?

Mmmmmaybe try to loosen the grip that corporate America and big money has on government?

8. Has all the traveling become second nature, or is there something that you still can’t get used to?

The lack of sleep you never really get used to. You can deal with it, but it's pretty hard on you. Flying can be tough a lot of times as well.

9. Is touring all that it’s rumored to be, or does it kind of suck?

Touring is a little of both actually, its definitely way less glamorous than people think. But on the other hand it can also be a lot of fun – but it's very hard work and you're always away from home.

10. Are there any nice things you can say about Denver before you get here? We love compliments.

Amy: No joke, we were just talking about Denver, and Colorado in general. It's one of our favorite places in the US. Such a cool energy and vibe, and Nick is a microbrew guy, and there's plenty of that in Denver.

11. If you had to lose a limb, your voice or Internet access for the rest of time – which would you choose and why?

Nick: I would probably lose Internet access. I'm such an active guy, and obviously I love singing, yelling, and making people uncomfortable with my voice.

Amy: Since Nick would lose Internet I would lose a limb so that one member of Karmin would still have the Internet!

12. Your viral videos online were a big reason why listeners latched on to your sound and grew your brand – was that the plan all along or did it take you by surprise?

It was the plan all along – we were too broke to tour, so we decided to attack the online space, and YouTube is such a great and free platform for that. But we didn't expect the covers to blow up the way that they did. That was intense!

13. Why do you think some videos online go viral?

Nick: It’s a crazy combination of things, starting with timing, I think. We covered 'Look At Me Now' right when it was starting to get traction, so enough people had heard of it already. And of course you need talking/sharing points and Amy rapping Busta Rhymes was definitely that.

14. Do you get family and friends coming out of the woodwork asking for free stuff now that you’ve made a decent name for yourselves?

Amy: My sister always asks for a car, but I just laugh. Not sure if she's serious or not.

15. We bought a cat because of all the cute videos we just can’t get away from. Do cute cat videos sometimes make you want to buy a cat?

Nick: For Amy, yes. Unfortunately I’m allergic to cats, BUT we watch cute dog videos constantly. We want a dog so bad.

16. In one (or a few, whatever) word(s), describe the music industry as you see it.

Wide open.

17. Who did it better, David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar?

Can't answer that!

18. Is your bathroom counter usual kept nice, or is it a complete disaster like ours?

Amy: I am a total control freak, so it's spotless for half of the week – total disaster the other three days.

19. Give our readers some good reasons why they should check out “Pulses” – and perhaps at what volume is most appropriate to enjoy it at?

Pulses is the perfect spring/summer listen – it has a lot of energy, and creates a ride from beginning to end. We called it 'Pulses' because of all the highs and lows we had personally experienced during the year of recording. And you should listen at 11. Just saying.

20. What can we expect out of the future of Karmin?

Nick: A lot! We'll be touring our asses off, and we're very proud of our live show so make sure you come check it out. Also Amy is starting a beauty bog called 'Karminology' which we hope will launch this summer.