Some of these things involve sitting on your ass, others involve waffles. We know you pretty well.

1. Try working out
If your beach body is more like a beached whale body by July, we challenge you to do fifty sit ups. Try this during a commercial, or maybe before you hit the town, or maybe to sober up when you get home.

2. Sneak into a hotel pool
Nothing is more thrilling than hopping a fence knowing you are breaking the rules. It’ll bring you back to your high school days. But if the cops show, we don’t know you.

3. Buy yourself one thing at least once a month.
Think of it as a reward for all the hard work you’ve put in for the month. That thing you’ve wanted? Just buy it. #noregrets

4. Attend the Denver Brew Fest
Walk yourself to Mile High Station in Denver from July 24 – July 25 for unlimited tasting from the best brewers in Colorado. Tickets start at $35 for general admission and not only do you get to taste the waterfall of beers offered to you but you will receive a souvenir glass. There will be food, music, and of course, beer. More info here.

5. Invest in a Food Floatie
Perfect for any stoner, the food floatie will remind you of your munchies while you lounge by the pool or lake this summer. Impress your friends with these life-sized food items.

6. Go see the movie Amy
A documentary about Amy Winehouse. Unlike other documentaries, Amy was created using her own words. Stitching together interviews throughout her career, Amy is a film about an artist that is directed in a way that feels like Winehouse created it herself. Amy opens July 10. Info here.

7. Go see the movie Trainwreck
Starring Amy Schumer and Bill Hader, Trainwreck is about a New York City magazine writer (not anything we haven’t seen before) who has commitment issues (again, nothing we haven’t seen before). Obviously she is going to fall for Bill Hader but we like the idea of these two together and the comedy they will create so we will give it a chance. Opens July 17. Info here.

8. Try a new drinking game
Head to the closest bar that has a pool table and order a round of beers. Play pool the traditional way and call your shots. For each shot you make, your opponent has to drink for the amount of seconds on the sunken ball. May the best pool player win.

9. Eat a new type of jerky
Epic Bar Bites are more like bites than traditional beef jerky but they put a twist on some classic flavors while adding a more enjoyable texture. Try the beef steak (cranberry and sriracha) or the bacon (pork and sea salt).

10. Attend Breckenridge Hootenanny
July 18th will mark the 25th anniversary of Breckenridge Brewery and Leftover Salmon will be headlining. The Hootenanny will be taking place at Breckenridge Brewery’s new 12 acre brewing campus. The event revolves around beer and music and a pig roast. Even better, Breckenridge Brewery and Leftover Salmon have joined forces to release a limited time only special beer for the event. Tickets are $45. More info here.

11. Instead of eating shit, read this cookbook
Thug Kitchen. They talk to you the way we might talk to someone if they were learning to cook at home instead of eating fast food. A ton of curse words to match the amount of recipes and “what the f**k” attitude to get you to eat better.

12. Make your own floating cooler
Using two pool noodles, cut them in half and create a square using string (bring it through the hole of the noodle). Place a plastic bin in the middle of the noodle. Throw some ice in the bin and your beer and you’ll never have to get out of the pool again.

13. Sneak your drink anywhere with this mix:
No one judges a lemonade drinker. So let them think that it’s just juice. Grab an empty bottle of Simply Lemonade, fill it with 4 tablespoons of lemonade mix, 1 cup vodka, ⅓ triple sec, ⅓ cup rum, fill the neck with cold water, add sliced strawberries or lemons. Refrigerate and sneak away.

14. Watch a Colorado Rapids game
Colorado’s professional soccer team, who are actually really good (eat us, Broncos), is playing the Real Salt Lake City on July 11th. Game starts at 7:00pm at Dicks Sporting Goods Field. Info here.

15. Finally get a new album from Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne’s ongoing fight with his record label and mentor, Birdman, for the rights to his album The Carter V has been a complete clusterfuck. Weezy has postponed that album indefinitely while a lawsuit works itself out, but will release Free Weezy on Independence day. We can’t predict the future, so fingers crossed that the release date is true.

16. Read The Second Machine Age: Work, Progress, and Prosperity in a time of Brilliant Technologies

17. Follow @trashhand on Instagram
One of the original photographers who started the trend of sneaking onto building’s rooftops to capture your city, @trashhand has a crazy editing style and even better eye for making a concrete jungle look insanely beautiful at any time of day under any weather condition.



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Go to All You Can Eat Sushi at Japango on Tuesdays 
We are all about all you can eat. Especially when it’s sushi. Every Tuesday, Japango offers endless sushi for $35. They’ll have to roll their patrons out before the night ends with all this deal-making magic. The wait can be long, so make sure to get there early.

Slide down Boulder with Slide the City
July 18 will be a glorious day for Boulder. The nationwide Slide the City will be making its way to Boulder for the first time ever where you can participate in the festivities and slide down the 1000-foot water slide like you’ve never been on one before. Unlike other water slides, this one is not made out of tarps and shampoo. You can purchase tickets anywhere from $21-$65 depending on the experience you want to have.

Don’t forget to find the Sweet Cow Moomobile
Track down the Moomobile to cool off your summer. If you don’t feel like tracking them down, they have a permanent location on Broadway. We recommend the Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Sammy or the Root Beer Float.


Drive in to see a Movie at the Denver Mart Drive-In
Opening July 12, the largest screen in the region will offer first run movies to enjoy in the comfort of your own car via projector and FM radio. Located on I-25 and 58th, you can enjoy the movies the old-school way. Info here.

Attend the Denver County Fair
Described as the “craziest county fair in America!” (LOL) Denver County Fair has a carnival with unlimited rides for $20, concerts, competitions, and vendors consisting of an array of themes including arts, sports, pot and animal pavilions. This three day event will take place July 31 – August 2.

Eat some donuts at Bites Donuts Food Truck
It’s a new take on donuts where you don’t have to feel guilt for eating your donut in one bite (since they come in minis). The portions are large, the toppings are even larger, and we recommend the nutella with strawberry and banana toppings to add some flavor to your summer. Info here.


Try Yoga for a Cause at the Fort Collins Brewery
Yoga can be tough, but it can also be calming and rewarding. Adding more to the reward than just a peaceful state of mind and stretched muscles is the feeling of a cold beer after the session. Every Sunday, the Fort Collins Brewery offers an hour of yoga and a refreshing beer afterwards.

Attend Bohemian Nights Every Thursday in Old Town
Bohemian Nights is a music showcase that occurs every Thursday to expose Colorado to the emerging talent that is around us. The 2015 lineup features 10 Colorado bands before their three-day concert series in August.

Have breakfast for lunch at The Waffle Lab
What beats ice cream on a summer day? Waffles. Although hot, you can cool it down with refreshing toppings. The Waffle Lab has original ingredients and they love to load them on to give you the ultimate waffle experience. They consider themselves scientists when it comes to waffle creating. Info here.