Because you can't stay in your house and microwave Bagel Bites every day this summer …

We love a good Colorado in the summertime. The state is literally and figuratively brimming with thousands of awesome things to do to keep you out of the house and away from Pornhub, and we've got the best of it down below.

We'll start with state-wide stuff you can get into this month, then segment off into Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins, because lord knows you can't be bothered to leave the confines of your municipal paradises.


1. Cure your munchies with donut s'mores
Decadent bliss is only a few simple and quick cooking steps away. Cut a donut in half, roast some marshmallows, smear on nutella and add graham cracker crumbs and put in your mouth. Boom. Life changed.

2. Attend Shredded Beats Festival in Denver
This three day event is not your typical festival. It combines visual arts, music and action sports into one jolly good time on June 26 and 27. On top of that, the Rooster family will be in attendance to do what we do best, drink beer and listen to music.

3. Watch a movie at Film on the Rocks
You can thank us later for this list of upcoming shows: June 2: Super Troopers // June 9 The Shining // June 15 The Princess Bride // June 23 Jurassic Park)

4. Listen to araabMUZIK “Dream World”
As a follow-up to his 2011 “Electronic Dream” LP, the new album is a 12 track launch into Abraham Orellana’s quick fingered triggering and dance-heavy rhythm. It’s necessary. And it comes out June 16.

5. Listen to Muse “Drones”
Speaking on the album, Muse frontman Matt Bellamy has said it’s the best album of theirs yet. Listen because that’s not a biased opinion at all. Comes out June 8.

6. Celebrate Great Divide’s 21st Anniversary
Join us at the home of our future second location (3395 Brighton Blvd.) for the summer's best afternoon of live music, food trucks, special release beers and Yeti sightings…
Party June 13 2:00pm – 6:00pm $40.

7. Netflix binge with The Source Family documentary
One of the original cult families, Father Yod and the Source Family began in California in the 70s before fleeing to Hawaii. Now members resurface with stories and pictures from the archive to explain in this documentary how Father Yod changed their life.

8. Go to the movies to watch Dope
Dope is the story of three high school friends who get caught up with the wrong drug lord — that drug lord being A$AP Rocky — and seek the help of a stoner, Blake Anderson.

9. Become a YouTube sensation with A Work in Progress: A Memoir by Connor Franta
Connor Franta not only is an internet star but he has packed in a lot of charity work and experiences into his 22 years of life and he wrote a memoir about it.

10. Retire early reading Cashing in on the American Dream: How to Retire at 35
Pack filled with advice on money management, author Paul Terhorst breaks down what you need to do to not get stuck working forever.

11. Make Margarita Popsicles using solo cups
Don’t wait for the shakes to subside this summer, make your own margarita popsicles. Using popsicle molds or solo cups and popsicle sticks, make a normal margarita and pour it in. Let sit overnight and viola.

12. Buy a LED Car Light Sign
If the middle finger just isn’t working for you anymore during your burst of road rage, try the LED Car Light Sign. With 16 message and faces, you can let drivers know how you really feel. Now if only it had a custom setting…

13. Visit Manitou Springs
Head to Manitou Springs, about a 15 minute drive outside Colorado Springs. We recommend Rainbow Falls and the Cliff Dwellings if you’re looking for natural enlightenment.

14. Travel to Blackhawk for Still In The Hills
Try over 100 spirits for the price of $30 in Blackhawk as they close down Main St. for Stills in the Hills on June 27.

15. Ride the Giant Canyon Swing at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park
Got kicked out of Elitches Gardens? Try Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park in Glenwood Springs. It’s a drive, but it’s well worth it.

16. Download the Zombie Run App
Trying to get healthy and survive the zombie apocalypse? Download the app, Zombie Run. Plug in your earbuds and  start running. Your music will play until you are being chased by zombies so speed up and out run them and earn points while doing so.

17. Follow @tyler_spangler on Instagram
The photo collage artist puts together mind-numbing psychedelic photo alterations that should keep you distracted during your most important daily interactions. ~ ~ ~ #tylerspangler #tyler_spangler

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18. Buy something at The Big Wonderful
Every Saturday from noon to 7:30pm, vendors gather at The Big Wonderful, in the Rino for a flea market of sorts. The event has a craft beer garden, a beach volleyball court, an urban farm, live music and many, many vendors.

19. Attend the South Platte RiverFest
This two-day festival on June 27 and 28 is Denver’s premier urban festival. We’re not sure what that means but the festival includes water races, free paddleboard demos, food, beer and live music. If that’s not enough for you, you’re also contributing to the restoration of South Platte River.

20. Eat a House Arepas at Will Call in Rino
We recommend one of the delicious House Arepas (flatbread that is prominent in Colombia and Venezuela) with their sweet potato fries and one of their many local draft beers.


18. Be mesmerized at “Moovers and Shakers
The Dairy Center for the Arts is hosting its 3rd Annual Cocktail Competition on June 8th in Boulder. The best bartenders and mixologists from around the state come out to compete making it highly entertaining and a bargain at $55 a ticket.  

19. Throwdown at BMoCA’s Summer Games
Dive into a few games of ping pong while sipping on a cold beer and snacking on a local delicacies from a great food truck at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art’s Summer Games on June 9. It’s free, and there are outdoor activities and breweries. Must we say more?

20. Juice cleanse at Zeal
Substitute rice with cauliflower rice and add the spicy sauce. During happy hour, get $2 off their detox-retox fresh cocktails.


18. Listen to music at For Locals By Locals at Mishawaka
One of the more beautiful venues is hosting an event to honor local musicians and vendors as a means to help the music community thrive. Local musicians get free admission and a free beer. Everyone else, help with by purchasing a ticket to the event on June 6 at Mishawaka Amphitheater.

19. Drink beers at Colorado Brewers Festival
Need to try over one hundred different beers? Downtown Fort Collins has you covered with the Colorado Brewers Festival on June 28. LIsten to music, drink beer, eat food and drink more beer during this marvelous occasion that cost $30.

20. Feast on the brussel sprouts at Restaurant 415
This American food restaurants sources their ingredients locally, while adding their own renovations on classic dishes. Once you’ve had the brussel sprout, try the When Pigs Will Fly Waffle.