For the longest time, society told us there are no such thing as stupid questions. But we found 21 people who take that theory, poop right on it, and light it on fire. We feel so much smarter now.

Because some people are just not as smart as others. And you know what? That's fun for everyone. Here's 21 beyond-stupid questions that delve into subject matter so dumb, that just reading them made our IQ plummet far beyond Paris Hilton levels. Prepare to feel a whole smarter, kids.

1. The lemonade-pregnancy connection

2. Butt smell mediation

3. Basic chemistry

4. Time travel

5. Personal sweat levels

6. Just…this

7. Apples. Apples should never be a topic of conversation, okay?

8. Myspace after death

9. Made-up things that never, ever happened in the entire history of things happening

10. Anything that involves differentiating 'er' from 'der'

11. How Jesus does and does not do burritos

12. Transforming computers into anything other than computers

13. YouTube coming to film you, because that's totally what they do

14. The sheer, earth-shattering force of your sperm

15. If you are Kim Kardashian, then we'd like to let you know your question asking privileges have been revoked indefinitely

16. Anything that involves your knees bending the wrong way…just drop it, okay?

17. Canada. Leave Canada alone. Canada is not for you to ponder.

18. Anything that involves 'hiding' food in your mouth

19. Emotional facial hair

20. Anything that involves you driving to Florida. Do not drive to Florida if you're already in Florida.

21. And finally, the motherload of all stupid questions…