We shrug them off, but should probably be more concerned …

Socializing is a wonderful thing. At most times, it's a congenial back and forth of quick banter between acquaintances, sometimes going to deep, emotive connections with someone who's been around for most of your life. General comments in conversation are pretty standard, for the most part, but we've heard a few of the following come up more often than not, later the person saying them having an all-out mental break that's not only very public, but probably archived online too — now searchable for the rest of time. Here's a few of those positive comments we've heard that likely indicate that poor soul is in a really bad place right now. 

1. "I'm back on Tinder."

2. “I just decided to shave my head. My hair was too much work.”

3. “You have to admit, for a neck tattoo, it’s really badass.”

4. “Say what you will, but Justin Bieber is a really talented artist.”

5. “Yeah, I had to sleep on the couch, but every couple fights, right?”

6. “Another fireball shot? Hell yeah!”

7. "Yeah, she’s a stripper but it really seemed like she liked me. I’m asking for her number.”

8. “I’ve decided to go gluten free. It’s way healthier for you."

9. "I love my job!"

10. "It's just her really good guy friend."

11. "Staying home alone on the weekends is so relaxing."

12. "I CrossFit."

13. "Dexter is so inspiring."

14. "She doesn't want me to go to the club with her because I don't dance."

15. "My parents want me to move back in so I can save money."

16. "Do pills ever expire?

17. "I just really love cats."

18. "I'm getting my second Ph.D." 

19. "I could be a really good porn star." 

20. "Is it alright to masturbate with Gold Bond? 

21. "She's crazy … in a good way."