There comes a time in everyone's life when they need to decide between what you need and what you deserve …

There comes a time in everyone's life when they need to decide between what you need and what you deserve. For 4/20 (or any other time, really), you deserve these products. We worked with our trusted partners to put together a list of goods to make sure you have a comfortable lifestyle. 

1. The Toker Poker® is the ultimate 420 Multi-Tool. Finally, your poker, tamper, hemp wick and lighter are all in one place. Whether you are rolling, dabbing, vaping or smoking a bowl you will always have your tool to poke, pack, and puff. [Purchase]

2. Get psychedelic in our new Hippie Hoodie.  Our unisex tie-dye hoodie, is super soft, lightweight and made of 100% cotton. Inhale Peace, Exhale Love. [Purchase]

3. “The Coffee” combines the sensation of subtle stimulation balanced with sufficient medication to maintain the feeling of cool elation derived from the sublime flavors of Colorado roasted, responsibly sourced coffee. [Purchase]

4. We are constantly experimenting in our kitchen developing new flavors.  The seasonal sucker will reflect our experimentation with fun and exciting flavors. Chocolate Covered Strawberry and Chocolate Mint Marshmallow are just the start. [Purchase]

5. Made from natural ingredients & C02 cannabis essential oil the breath strip is discrete and potent with 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD in each strip. [Purchase]

6. One of our best selling products, liquid THC is a must for every patient. Surprisingly potent, our sublingual drops are fast-acting and highly concentrated with 100mg of active full-spectrum cannabinoids. [Purchase]

7. Love at First Bite: A dark chocolate heart filled with butterscotch, potato chips, and pretzels. French Kiss: Sinfully delicious. Think fluffy French Toast with a kiss of maple syrup. [Purchase]

8. Pop Pop Fizz Fizz, oh what a delight it is! White Chocolate discs topped with a sprinkling of pop rocks for a rush of fun filled flavor. [Purchase]

9. Key to Your Heart:  Tart white chocolate hearts with graham crackers and key lime oil.  Peppermint Crush: White chocolate hearts with tiny pieces of peppermint candy for a cool burst flavor. [Purchase]

10. This deep fitting, wool strap-back was built for the Colorado lifestyle. A Faux suede bill, satin sublimated liner and intricate embroidery make the Blue Bear hat one of our best sellers. [Purchase]

11. This snapback features a hemp blend fabric, faux suede bill, tribal sublimated under bill and the Chiefton Headdress embroider on the crown. [Purchase]

12. Revival vaporizers mean revolutionary size (under 2.5 inches), sleek design, and a powerful hit, with a 650mAh rechargeable battery. Standard 510 cartridges attach magnetically with our innovative Magnetic Adapter Ring. [Purchase]

13. Weedtees is a line of apparel homegrown in Alma, Colorado 80420.  The “HIGHEST” Town in North America. [Purchase]

14. Be prepared for everything by transforming your lighter into a tough compact multi-tool!  Includes a Philips screwdriver and poker, flat head screwdriver tip, knife, scissors, a bottle opener and a key chain. [Purchase]

15. Ganjagonia is a cartoon series that is focused on the humor that evolved from a planet called “Ganjagonia” where there is an abundance of Peace and Silliness. [Purchase]

16. The Dab Slabz stores and transports huge slabz.  Comes in four colors and is made of medical grade silicone and holds a titanium dab tool with interchangeable tips. [Purchase]

17. Colorado Seed Inc. offers premium cannabis seeds cultivated from our proprietary Colorado genetics. Featured exclusively at Helping Hands Herbals in Boulder and The Bud Depot in Lyons. [Purchase]

18. Handcrafted in Colorado with the finest ingredients, Highlander offers dense vapor, balanced flavors & high-VG for a satisfying experience dripped or tanked. Each flavor is designed for epicurean vapers everywhere. [Purchase]

19. The Ascent by DaVinci is one of the premier portable vaporizers on the market today, and features precise digital temperature control, glass vapor path and a sleek and stylish design. [Purchase]

20. Appearing to be nothing more than an ordinary travel mug, the Vapor Cup allows you to discreetly vape herbs in public without drawing any unwanted attention from nosey onlookers. [Purchase]

21. The Prima portable vaporizer from Vapir supports both dry herbs and wax concentrates, and features a modern, sleek design, in addition to exceptional build quality and performance. [Purchase]

22. For dabs on-the-go, it doesn’t get any better than the OG Four 2.0 from #ThisThingRips, which features patent pending Lava-Quartz Technology, as well as calibrated low-temperature controlled coils. [Purchase]

23. Smooth Belgian Milk Chocolate, rich Colombian Coffee, and buttery toffee are combined and fused with 10mg of THC. Perfect for an on-the-go pick-me-up, that won’t overwhelm your senses. [Purchase]

24. Great for any time of day, we infuse 80mg of THC directly into coconut oil for maximum therapeutic benefits.  AM: Sativa dominant for energy and focus.  PM: Indica dominant for deep relaxation and pain relief. [Purchase]

25. America’s favorite combination is now available as a premium infused chocolate bar!  Imported Belgian Chocolate, chocolate cookies, and 100mg of THC, come together for a delicious adults-only sweet treat! [Purchase]

26. Made with only the finest ingredients, these bars were hand-selected by Snoop Dogg, himself. The cocoa comes from organic and fair-trade sources. Taste the quality, and enjoy the ride. [Purchase]

27. Made with a blend of Italian milk and dark chocolate, these gems are dusted with gold and filled with creamy, house-made peanut butter infused with premium cannabis oil. [Purchase]