Colorado loves weed, Flosstradamus and lists. So we combined them all!

Depending on what type of Coloradan you are, there's a 'high' likelihood you're going to love one of the following things (if not all of them): Weed, Lists and Flosstradamus.  

If you're into all three, this post is going to be all up in your EDM-loving stoner alley. In anticipation of 4/20 and Flosstradamus' upcoming show at Red Rocks Amphitheatre that same day (buy tickets here) with Snails, Valentino Khan and Chill Harris, we asked the duo to make us a few lists about the joys of edibles.

5 Things Flosstradamus thinks about after the edibles kick in

– "What is the square root of this apartment?"
– "311 was an inside job."
– "Netflix and chill."
– "Bills"
– "This shit’s weak!"

5 Things not to do after you consume edible weed

– Smoke a bunch because they're 'not working.'
– Eat a bunch more because they're 'not working.'
– Do an interview.
– High dial your ex.
– Facetime your dad.

5 Things to expect after you've just taken edibles

– For people who are new to edibles, be patient! It takes a minute to kick in, and when it does, you'll know it.
– Sit back and enjoy the ride. High doses of edibles are more like a psychedelic trip, as opposed to smoking it.
– We like to take edibles an hour or so before bed. They help us lucid dream, and its pretty amazing being that present in a dream state. We highly (dad joke lol) recommend it.
– Expect a body buzz first.
– You’re not getting off the couch for the next 5 hours.