1. Answering Text Messages Immediately – If it's actually important, that thing you're using to send a text message is actually a phone, use it.

2. People Who Text Message You, Then Don't Answer Your Call 30 Seconds Later – We know you're there asshole, pick it up. 

3. Texting more than 140 characters –  It's like the Twitter rule for your phone. When it takes you longer to type your multi-text message message than it is to call and explain yourself using words, again… just call. And no, we don't tweet.

3.1 Addendum – Asking more than two questions in one text is just dumb.

4. Where the fuck was Snapchat when we were in high school. 

5. The only thing Auto-correct is good for are the damn you auto-correct websites.

6. You're allowed you text / email mid-conversation once every half hour. Anymore and you're boarding on prick/cunt status.

Happy texting bitches.