These reads will help with the small details, so you can focus on building the empire.

Entrepreneurs are cocky individuals hell-bent on following their passion regardless of the outcome — sometimes to their own detriment. These four books will help with the small details, so you can focus on building the empire.

1. Made To Stick

Urban legends, conspiracy theories and your great grandpa’s legacy of wrestling a grizzly bear all have something in common: they stick in your head. That social paradox sits at the center of Chip and Dan Heath’s research as they unravel why some stories, brands and products remain in the human psyche and others vanish. Why is the McDonald’s golden arches logo the most recognizable symbol in the world? Understanding what it is that makes something “stick” could be the difference between success and failure.

2. Good To Great

If you’re not sure who Jim Collins is, then listen up and listen good. The guy has been in the game long before you opened your first lemonade stand. In “Good To Great,” Collins and his team seek to uncover why some companies in an industry go on to be great companies while others in the same industry and of the same size fall flat on their faces. You can start a business without reading this book, much like you can be a chef without taking classes. But if you’d like to be next level, we highly recommend indulging in this well-written classic.

3. The E Myth

Starting a business takes time, dedication and an understanding that you’re going to lose sleep. Consider “The E Myth” your anti-anxiety medication delivered in an easy-to-absorb book that walks you through the inevitable pitfalls. A short read, “The E Myth” details the systems and organization you need from the very beginning to keep the shit-show you call a start-up from leaving the tracks. Not all entrepreneurs understand the intricacies of business operations; let this book do the necessary little details while you focus on your passion.

4. Purple Cow

No one is going to eagerly adapt to your product. The vast majority of consumers are happy. Sold on what they’ve got. They don’t need a replacement. The only chance you have is to sell to the right people. this book details how to do exactly that: develop a remarkable product that the right people seek out. Toss out the old paradigm of the Four P’s of marketing and focus on the only P that matters: the “Purple Cow.” Among a field of white cows, the purple one stands out.