Focus on having interests

Research from MIT Behavioral Economist Dan Ariely shows that developing your own hobbies and fascinations makes you passionate. That passion gives you something to talk about and stand behind, two things that come off to others as charisma and expertise. Translation? Have more fun, try less hard.
Not so bad, huh?

Become an expert listener

The most captivating people are so because they listen. First, this gives people the opportunity to talk about themselves, which is the subject they find most interesting — in fact, Harvard neuroscientist Diana Tamir found that talking about ourselves is as satisfying as sex or money. Second, it helps you pick up topics in the conversation you can engage with.

Live an interesting life

It’s easy to be blah when you act blah. Instead, start saying yes to new things. Put yourself outside your comfort zone. And most importantly, make friends with fascinating people. According to a study by the Longevity Project, the people you associate with determine who you become. Earth to you: take that EDM shaman out for god-dang pizza.

Have three good stories

Interesting people don’t just grow out of the test tube that way —  they practice, often, so they can convey just how interesting they are through the fine art of storytelling. That’s why it’s always dandy to have three killer stories on hand that inform, entertain and engage. If you need thematic inspiration, drama, humor and the reality of the human condition all slay. You’re welcome.