Great news, citizens of Earth: when it comes to getting the job done, consistency is actually more important than straight-up hard work.

Avoid iffy promises

Being reliable is one of the most sought after assets. Set modest goals. If you’re unsure you can complete something or reach such-and-such milestone, narrow the scope of the project to reflect a promise you can deliver on.

Schedule reasonably

We don’t mean work for 53 hours straight without sleeping or eating. We said reasonable. A few hours a day. Thirty minutes. Five fucking seconds. Whatever is manageable for you and your life.

Embrace the "no"

You probably “don’t have enough time in the day” because you never use the word no. It’s better to refuse something or someone than derail all previous commitments you’ve made to yourself
and others.

Involve everyone

Maybe those fourth grade teachers of ours were onto something: Many hands make light work. Don’t act so proud you have to try and manage everything yourself. Exploit your inner-circle, good friends won’t mind.