Spending your hard earned money on avocado toast got you down? You can still ball on a budget if you know how. ..

1. Reap Rewards
Credit cards are literally the mark of Satan in chip form, however their loose rewards policies can be used against them if you’re a sly little devil yourself. Sign up for a high percentage rewards card and buy big purchases for friends and family (get paid actual money from them first) to stack points. Pay off the balance each month to avoid interest fees. Within months you’ll have hundreds that can go toward tickets/hotels/whatever.

2. Southbest
Southwest is the shit and treats its customers relatively well considering the alternatives. What they offer is no fee substitutions, meaning if you buy a $200 ticket now and see that it drops to $100 later, you can switch flights for free and get credited for the difference. All it takes is a little patience, persistence and maybe some flexibility for it to pay off. One frugal traveler we spoke with about it claims she saved over $800 last year alone.

3. Porn Mode
It’s up for debate whether or not airlines are tracking your purchases to give you the worst possible deal if you can’t make a decision right then and there. Some say browse incognito mode to bypass this, others say it doesn’t matter. What is known, however, is that your analytics are tracked to satiate the big data monster we’ve all come to hate. With it comes price fluctuations. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t; err on the side of caution.

4. Hack The Gibson
Grab your mid-’90s Macintosh portable computer and hook it up to the payphones at Grand Central Station in New York City. Then, take your three best friends — Acid Burn, Lord Nikon and Joey — to send the Gibson a cookie monster virus while uploading the zero bug. Next, thwart your mortal enemy, The Plague, with the help of worldwide computer geeks and finally take down his diabolical plan to tip oil tankers into the ocean. HACK THE PLANET!