No friends, no plans, no problem!

No friends, no plans, no problem! Don't get down on yourself, even though you're stuck on the couch watching reruns of Friends with Counting Crows looping in the background — as you take pulls of Captain Morgan Coconut Rum. Find solace in life with these five drinking games that you know will turn that frown upside down. 


What you need:
    Friends (or drinking buddies)
    20-30 Cups filled 1/4 of the way up with beer (2-3 per person)
    1 Cup filled all the way with beer (this is the Deathcup!)
    2 Empty Cups
    2 Ping Pong Ball

How to Play:
Place all of the cups with beer in them at the center of a large table with the cup that's full in the center. Gather your friends around the table. Pick two people to start. The two people starting stand next to each other with their empty cups in front of them and ping pong balls in hand. If the person standing on the right bounces the ping pong ball into their cup before the person on the left, they pass the cup and the ball to the right. (If anyone bounces the ball into their cup on their first try, they can pass their cup to anyone in the cirlce). If the person on the left bounces the ping pong ball into their cup first, they get to smack the cup of the person on the right off the table. The person who's cup has been smacked must pick a cup from the middle group of cups and chug the beer. Once the beer in the cup is gone, the chugger must start over and try to bounce the ping pong ball into their empty cup.

The game continues around the circle counter-clockwise until only the Deathcup remains. Once the Deathcup has been chugged, the game is over.


What you need:
30 Pack beer
3-5 People
2 Quarters
Cups for each player

How to play:

This is a quarter game that will get you wrecked if you play it long enough. The more people, the better. All you need is a quarter, a shot glass, a bigger shot glass (preferably 3-4 shots worth), a bunch of your buddies around a table that want to get messed up, and beer (in a can). To start, just pick a random person to start with the quarter. You fill your glass with at least an ounce of beer or as much as you want. It is important that everyone use their own beer, because empty cans will become landmines. The starting player flicks the quarter to make it spin on the table, and while it is spinning the finish however much beer they poured in their glass. With the same hand you took the shot with, catch the quarter before it stops spinning.

If you catch the quarter before it stops, the person to the left goes. If you screw up, either by not catching the quarter in time, flicking it off the table, fumbling the quarter, or drinking with the wrong hand, you must go again. You must keep going until you successfully catch the quarter. Now here is where it gets interesting. Once you finish your beer, you can slam you empty beer can on a spinning quarter during another player’s turn. It then stays there for the remainder of the game. Squeeze the sides in a bit to make sure everyone knows it’s a landmine. This counts as a miss for the player who spun the quarter, and they must go again.

Soon enough, the tale will be covered with random landmines that will get in the way of your spinning quarter. The landmine will cause many more misses and a whole lot more drinking. If a player touches a landmine during their turn, that too counts as a miss. Keep playing until everyone is sick or there is no more room to spin the quarter.

Friendly Drunken Tip:
Ganging up on beginners or someone you want to get drunk is always fun. You can either save up your empties for that person’s turn, or team up with another player and make a very small area for that person to play in. this is done by flicking the quarter in the direction of the rookie and having another player slam an empty can there so a landmine is in their way of the rest of the game.


What you need:
Deck of cards

How to play:
The game is best played with four or five people; any more and it take the action away from the game. All you need is a beer, a deck of cards and a person to count time. Lay the cards out in four rows and four columns, then deal out the rest of the deck. The counter flips over the first card in the first row and column. The counter begins to count to three and if players have the card that was flipped they call out, “Fuck you (fill in the name of the person you want to drink)!” The trick of the game is to be the last person to get to call “fuck you” to someone. If someone calls “fuck you” after the counter reaches three, he must finish his beer. The trick of this game is making alliances with friends to get one person drunk, i.e. someone you don’t like or a significant other. The way you count how many drinks you take if you have been “fucked” is by multiplying the rows by columns of the card that was flipped.

Great way to mess with your friends and gets you sloppy after a few rounds.


What you need:

How to play:
Everyone sits around a flat table, beers in hand. One person is given the quarter and he/she chooses one of the other players to challenge. He/she then spins the quarter and before it stops spinning, the person spinning the quarter must cover it with one hand. The chosen person then must guess if it’s heads or tails. If he/she gets it wrong, the spinner spins the quarter again and the chosen person must drink for as long as that quarter is spinning. The spinner then covers the quarter again before it stops spinning and the chosen person has to then guess again heads or tails. If he/she is wrong three times in a row, the spinner then must make a rule on that person. However, if he/she guesses it right on the first spin, then the quarter gets passed to that person and it starts again.


What you need:
Two cups

How to play:
The game is played with two teams. Each team has a full cup of beer places about 15 steps in front of them and every player has a quarter. The team lines up in a straight line and the first person in the line places their quarter in between their butt cheeks. They hold the quarter in place by squeezing their butt cheeks together and then proceed to walk to their beer cup. If they drop their quarter along the way, they have to pick it up and continue. Once they have made it to the cup, they must drop the quarter in the cup and run back to their line for the next person to go. If they miss the cup, they have to take their quarter back to the end of the ling with them for another try. This continues until one team has gotten all their quarters into their cup.

The losing team must drink the winning team’s cup full of butt quarters.