Smooth Steve, we understand your pick-up lines are the best. Only the piling list of restraining orders says otherwise. These might be the reasons. 

Size Matters
No, it’s not the size of the trouser snake that matters, as much as it’s the size of the male associate trying to give off the vibe. Studies show that women are attracted to men who are 6ft or taller. Women see taller men as stable, powerful and by socio-economic standards, taller men tend to have higher salaries. While you stare at her belly button contemplating how to pay rent, just know that she’s contemplating how short her kids would be if she were to be with you. Sorry.  

You just said something stupid
Alright, you’re not the most attractive man in the room nor does your resume say much about your future. That doesn’t matter, you still have hope, it’s minimal but it’s still hope.  It turns out your dick jokes and politically incorrect one-liners have a place in your flirting game. Women rated personality as equal or greater than looks when it comes to igniting a sexual spark. They interpret a man’s ability to make other laugh and laugh at others joke as a man who is confident in a relationship and in the bedroom. Retelling the story of how your ex filed a restraining order, which you jokingly disregarded resulting in two years of probation, isn’t comedy any young fawn wants to here. Sorry.

Time to change your genetic makeup
Sadly, before you make a move, you’re already doomed.  Researchers recently revealed that women hold the capacity to smell out and crack a man’s genetic code within seconds. And during ovulation, it only gets better. The group of genes responsible for fighting bacteria and boosting the immune system are called MHC genes. Evidently, women detect these genes then subconsciously calculate whether a particular male would have health kids or walking petri dishes. So while you’re standing at their table sweating bullets, remember, they smell each drop and unfortunately, they just aren’t that into you. Sorry.

Your voice
Ever heard a particular male voice that sounds like a deep reverberating whale call from the depths of the ocean? Yes? Well, chicks dig this. Scientifically, the more testosterone a male packs, the deeper sounding the voice. Body symmetry – another quality for considering making babies – contributes to a deeper voice. Womenifically, the deeper the voice, the more willing they are to shed the clothes and do the devil’s dance.  Your bird chirp doesn’t compare to the other bullfrog calls and the women are noticing that Barry Manilow looks better and better. Sorry.  

You don’t have moves like Jagger
While we hate Adam Levine and his voice, he was on to something with moves like Jagger. When you light up the dance floor – which let’s face it, happens every night – you’re revealing more about yourself than your online dating profile. Health, energy level and biomechanical skills are a few of the traits women pick up when you dance. Leave your go-to lawnmower move at home though. Studies show women prefer larger and more sweeping moves; moves that indicate dominance, confidence and are even viewed as erotic. But before you dance the night away, put your shirt back on because it’s very unbecoming. Sorry.