While everyone else is out there preaching about the benefits of exercise, here are a few real alternative facts for those just looking for an excuse.


Every day, there are more than 10,000 people treated in emergency rooms across the country for injuries stemming from sports, recreation and exercise — of that, about 82 percent are men.


Gyms only expect about 18 percent of membership signups to use them regularly.

What are the chances?

The New England Journal of Medicine predicts your odds of dying during a marathon or half marathon to be 1 in 259,000. Odds of dying in a plane crash? One in 11 million.


Overdoing it.

Risk of having heart problems rise if you exercise consistently for more than 60 minutes a day over many years, says Dr John Mandrola, a leading cardiac specialist.

$30 billion

In 2016, the Gym, Health and Fitness industry accounted for $30 billion in revenue — by comparison, the alcohol industry sold $219 billion.

I quit!

80 percent of people who join a gym directly after New Year’s Eve quit within five months (4 percent drop out in January, followed by 14 percent in February).

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