If you're gonna binge drink, it might as well taste delicious. 

Thanksgiving is a time to get together with your family and eat delicious food and give thanks that you only have to see that one creepy uncle twice a year. With the help of alcohol you can get through the holiday with ease. These are a few beer pairings that will make that Thanksgiving blackout even better.

Odell: Freik

If you haven’t had the chance to taste Odell’s Freik, it is an ale brewed with cherries and raspberries handpicked from farms in Fort Collins. This sweet yet tart ale is a great compliment to your turkey. The usual pairing for thanksgiving is cranberries or cranberry sauce, reach for this beer and get sauced instead. If you are in charge of the turkey Odell has a recipe for Freik turkey brine on their website.

Left Hand: Widdershins

Barleywine is the alcoholic drink that autumn dreams are made of. At 10.7% do you even need to know what it pairs well with?  If you do this deliciously fruity Barleywine is ideal to keep your Thanksgiving buzz going. The orange note in this beer is the perfect addition to your cranberry sauce.

Breckenridge Brewing: Autumn Ale

If fruity beers aren’t your style, try out Breckenridge Brewing’s autumn ale. Autumn ale has a nutty sweet flavor with minimal bitterness. With such a profile this beer pairs well with almost every aspect of your Thanksgiving feast. If you want to stick to just one beer this is the best beer to get you through your holiday.

Zephyr Brewing: Porter

Zephyr brewing has come up with one of the most smooth and delicious porters. It is the perfect combination of sweet, chocolate and bitter. Most holiday stuffing worth anything has a little bit of bacon or sausage in it and the delicious blend of fall spices. The nutty profile in this beer will enhance the flavor of that delicious stuffing.

Upslope: Thai style IPA

Brewed with various Asian inspired spices this beer has a bit of a bite to it. It is a white IPA so after that bite it packs a surprisingly refreshing punch. This beer would be the perfect addition to your thanksgiving feast. There is a lemony note that would pair well with cherry pie or pumpkin pie.

Denver Beer Company: Hey Pumpkin!

Pumpkin pie is a staple at any Thanksgiving dinner. If your drunk uncle unfortunately dropped the pumpkin pie on the floor, this is the ultimate substitute. I have had many a pumpkin beers in my time and this is one of my favorites. Hey Pumpkin has the perfect blend of spices, making it the closest thing to pumpkin pie that will get you drunk.