Solid foods used to be the hot craze, but we’re all about ingesting our meals in shot form these days, especially if by 'meal' you mean delicious candy. These six shots taste exactly like your favorite sweet indulgence, except they're better because of, you know, the whole "get you drunk" thing.

1. Skittles Shot

Taste the rainbow of libations flowing into your mouth, down your throat and into your stomach, delivering the perfect balance of satisfaction and being a kid again, regardless of the fact that kids can't get drunk on Skittles like you can.

You need equal parts of:

  • apple schnapps
  • watermelon schnapps
  • grape schnapps

2.  Gummy Worm Shot

Fruity, crisp and refreshing like its built-in Sprite-back, this refreshment is the perfect complement to a solid night of partying. Just don't try to do the worm while you're drinking a gummy worm shot. That's just not allowed.

You need equal parts of:

  • mango vodka
  • raspberry vodka
  • blue curacao liqueur
  • Sprite


3. Cherry Tootsie Pop Shot

Brighten your night — or day — with a trip down memory lane starring this delicacy that balances the sweet and savory of the beloved chewy childhood candy…and there's Red Bull in it so get ready to lift a car if you need to.

You need equal parts of:

  • chocolate vodka
  • Amaretto liqeuer
  • grenadine
  • Red Bull

4. Snickers Bar Shot

The hungry should never have to wait, and it should go without saying that the thirsty won’t either with this mouthwatering beverage.

You need equal parts of:

  • crème de cacao
  • hazelnut liqeuer

5. Almond Joy Shot

Escape to a place where the almonds and coconuts mingle amongst the chocolate goodness, setting the stage for a mouthgasm beyond your wildest dreams. Are we maybe exaggerating a little? Hell. No.

You need equal parts of:

  • chocolate vodka
  • Frangelico
  • coconut rum

6. Pancake Shot

Mornings just received a facelift of glory. Instead of real pancakes, try the drunk version with this shot of champions that soothes stomachs and makes you salivate like Guy Fieri in the hair dye aisle.

You need equal parts of:

  • whiskey
  • butterscotch
  • orange juice on the side