It’s time to start thinking in ways that will lead you to victory, opposed to ways that don’t …

It’s time to start thinking in ways that will lead you to victory, opposed to ways that don’t — soon, you too can be as cool as Matthew McConaughey driving a Buick.

Jealousy or resentment

Next time an expensive German SUV with built-in Bluetooth capabilities passes by your Ford Fiesta, don’t mumble green-eyed expletives. Instead, congratulate them on achieving success. Too often, we waste our time and energy envying what other people have and demonizing that which we do not. Not only is it generating negative thought patterns, it’s also expending energy normally reserved for finding and capitalizing on our own opportunities. Bless that which you want.

Not knowing what you want

Blaming your emotionally detached parents or fifth grade crush who broke your heart is a temporary excuse for not knowing what you want in life. You can’t be successful until you decide what you want. Whether that’s money, happiness, health or Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, defining your goals is the first step. Once you discover what to fight for, you’ll realize the path isn’t as hard as you originally assumed.

Not being brutally honest

Confronting the brutal facts of a situation should be among the most important life changes you make. More often than not, we create a quixotic narrative devoid of the harsh realities and potential pitfalls. Be honest with yourself: if you’re not happy, your business isn’t doing well or your relationship is going south, address the painful truth as to why this might be occurring. It’s a sobering reality that will sting in the beginning, but you’ll be thankful for in the end.

Wanting success for all of the wrong reasons

All too often our motivation for acquiring money or success comes from all of the wrong places in our lives. When you want success out of fear, anger or to “prove” yourself, you’ll sadly never find the happiness or success you’re ultimately looking for. Ask yourself why you want what you’re fighting for. No amount of money will ever make you happy, safe or good enough.

Thinking success comes quickly

With tech millionaires and billionaires barely out of middle school adorning the headlines of every major media outlet, it’s easy to get lost in the hype of instant success. Unfortunately for every one virgin millionaire entrepreneur, there are tens of thousands of other participants weeping softly in their parents’ basement. Hard work and perseverance will unquestionably be part of the process to achieving success. Luckily for you, it’s the most exciting process.

Surrendering to the fight

Sad news champ: Life isn’t full of unicorn tears and puppy farms. Hallmark Cards were pathetically correct in saying life’s about the journey, not the destination. The sooner you realize there isn’t an end game and that the beautiful struggle you’re constantly facing is in fact what life’s all about, the sooner you’ll begin enjoying the fight and not the press conference.

Being ungrateful

No one owes you anything. Not your boss. Not the government. Not the customer. Not the drive-thru employee with extra ketchup packets in arm’s reach. Our experiences are what make us who we are. Whether you’re taking small steps or large steps in the right direction, just be grateful you’re taking any steps in any direction at all. Forward or backward, there’s a lesson in every move you make.