This is a serious problem, and cops are cracking down. 

It must be exhausting to be a cop, learning about all the stupid ways that kids are trying to get high. Instead of drinking their alcohol like normal human beings, they have to rub it on their eyes or soak their feet in everclear or something stupid. And the rumor of people chugging beer in their ass has been alive since a clearly wasted Steve-O did it on Jackass 2. Just to remind you, here's the clip (and it's gruesome):

So you can image how people were on edge, ready to fight the scourge of buttchugging when ever it might rear its ugly head. And after a fairly unpopular Twitter celebrity made a post about ass-pounding some cough syrup:

The hardworking folks over at have put together everything to diligent cop might need to know about "buttchugging" and it's the cutest thing. 

In one day, the internet was almost broken by a Twitter user named @freakmommy. A graphic photo posted to the user’s account brought national attention to the practice of “butt chugging” – taking a substance rectally to get high.

It’s important for cops to keep up with current drug trends – not only what drugs are currently available on the street, but how abusers are taking them. Taking drugs anally has been going on for some time — meth users have been getting high by “plugging” their drug of choice for two decades. At one point, there was even a website dedicated to helping users safely “plug” their drug without getting hurt. Meth, after all, is made up of very uncomfortable shards (they don’t call it “crystal” and “glass” for nothing). But while this practice of rectal delivery has existed in some form for a long time, the list of substances abusers are choosing to take rectally has grown in recent years.
For the last few years, pill poppers have begun to latch on to the practice. “Booty bumping” is often used as a term for taking MDMA and similar drugs rectally.
The girl in the aforementioned picture posted to Twitter was taking cough syrup, more than likely containing DXM, a dissociative anesthetic. Users will drink an entire bottle of cough syrup containing DXM to experience a very intense high.
People are also using alcohol in the practice. Users will soak tampons in alcohol and insert them rectally to get drunk. This is where the term “buttchugging” originated from.

And their explanation of why people are buttchugging is just adorable:

Why do users do it? People take certain drugs rectally because it provides a more intense high. If the user were to eat or drink their drug of choice, it would meander through the digestive system until it finally reached the blood stream, where the drug could then cross the blood/brain barrier. However, if the user were to take a pill or drink rectally, they bypass the stomach and get the drug in the intestine, where it is rich with veins to suck it up and quickly get it into the blood system. The anus is very veinous; by taking the drug rectally, more of the drug gets into the bloodstream and creates a stronger high.
So there you have it. Now you know all there is to know about butt chugging, plugging, and booty bumping. The world of the drug user never ceases to amaze.

The more you know, right? At the end of the day, it's hard to argue with the Urban Dictionary definition: