Our stint with the beautiful and talented Adiamond began less than a year ago when she was featured in the October 2013 edition as classmate. That first encounter was at a local Irish pub where we learned that not only can she drink but she can drink well. The sacred whiskey shots and pint beers wreaked havoc on the self-deprecating drinking team of Rooster staffers but not on Adiamond. She managed to compose herself for one of the best photo shoots ever featured in the magazine. And with it came the selection for 2014 Classmate of the Year.

Which brings us to this moment, standing nervously next to the 6 foot tall model as she peers skeptically over a ping pong table spread of M-5000s, Roman Candles, Green Goddesses, Silver Streakers and other Chinese manufactured fire bombs elegantly displayed for choreographed greatness. We eye her closely to detect any type of reluctance. It quickly becomes apparent that we aren’t sure who’s more shell-shocked by the buffet of fireworks, Adiamond, or our accountant surveying the financial damage itemized on the receipt from Olde Glory Fireworks. It’s the accountant. Adiamond willingly succumbs to our twisted concept, liberating our middle-school pyro fantasy and setting off a chain reaction she can’t stop — literally.

But what other outcome would we expect from Adiamond? The burgeoning model never ceases to amaze us in her willingness to placate our utopia of dysfunctional ideas. Upon meeting her, you soon realize that she doesn’t shy away from a challenge nor let her shortcomings hold her back. Growing up in a household of strong women, she learned quickly to carve out who she was and how to employ that confidence. Everyone has his and her insecurities and limitations, Adiamond has simply found a way to harness and utilize hers to be a better person. This personal grounding has played a large roll in her career choices as she hopes to one day help others overcome similar plaguing issues, especially women. Her altruistic vision has led her to seek out the ultimate megaphone for reaching the masses within the world of media.

The Colorado native has already landed appearances on PBS and the Tonight Show with Jay Leno where she toured the country providing social commentary on President Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign. In front of the camera is where Adiamond feels the most at home. The wit, the ease and the playfulness are a ripe combination for inherent adoration. Her ambitions accompanied with her addiction for reality TV have her settled on a path to host her own show. Take a table and chairs, toss in a few self-help moments, and Adiamond might just be the next queen of daytime television. But in the meantime, and before the lights and flashes, she’s here in the Rooster office doing what she does best, enjoying the moment — after all, isn’t that what it’s all about?