Gonna have to leave your emotional support chainsaw at home from now on 🙁

When you go to see a concert, it's all about dancing, having fun and seeing your favorite band in person.

But you know what can really ruin that experience? A mass shooting!

Getting shot by a psychotic sniper with a military grade assault weapon totally kills the vibe at Green Day: The Reunion Tour.

But now, since it seems like people die every time a large crowd gathers anytime for any reason, AEG is taking steps to prevent shootings and other assualts by installing metal detectors at all of their Colorado venues. 

This includes Fiddler's Green, The Bluebird, The Ogden, The Gothic and 1st Bank Center. It'll take a couple of months for all the detectors to be installed at these venues, but the project is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Co-President and COO Brent Fedrizzi said the metal detectors are a matter of AEG Live doing its “due diligence” to protect its patrons. Concerns over public safety at concerts has risen sharply since 130 people were killed at an Eagles of Death Metal concert at the Bataclan in Paris last December. Eagles of Death Metal will be playing The Ogden on July 19, but that's not the only event that has AEG making moves to keep people breathing past the encore. The shooting in Orlando, the Aurora theater shooting, the Planned Parenthood shooting and … pretty much every other mass shooting this year informed their decision to go ahead and make sure people are there for fun, not mass murder.

Walk-through metal detectors are already in place at a few other prominent multi-purpose Colorado venues like the Pepsi Center and Coors Field, but AEG's decision is a first for Denver’s concert venues. Fedrizzi thinks other venues and concert promoters in the state should and will follow their lead.

"The venues that have the wherewithal to (install walk-through metal detectors) should do it,” he said. Agree to agree.

We know what you're thinking at this point: What about beloved internationally renowned venue Red Rocks? Will I be able to bring my emotional support chainsaw to Global Dance Fest this year?

Well, maybe. Red Rocks is still thinking about it. Since they're not booked exclusively by any one promoter, the venue is not affected by any one company's decision to use screening devices to make sure people are safe. They have, however, begun to use metal detector wands at certain shows they deem to be more "risky" that others, whatever that means.

All these metal detectors are bound to make lines and wait times a little longer, so make sure to start showing up a little earlier than usual for your show. It's mildly irritating, but a small price to pay for being not murdered. Thanks, AEG!