Prior to this exact, unique moment in time, you used to have to drink beer and smoke weed separately if you wanted a proper night of rejuvenating relaxation.

It was barbaric.

But today, thanks to applause-worthy patent efforts by Colorado-based brewery Dude's Brews, those primitive days of inebriation multi-tasking are over. Now, they've given us the heavenly gift of weed beer.

The beautiful beverage we're referring to has been lovingly dubbed General Washington's Secret Stash, because lord knows that man grew as much weed as he did democracy. It's a heady little IPA, which makes all the damn sense in the world; hops taste like weed and weed tastes like hops.

This is a huge deal because it marks the first time ever that the feds have approved a beer that uses full-blown weed. Yeah, yeah, there's hemp beer out there right now, but that's hemp. General Washington's Secret Stash is made with actual weed — pure cannabis sativa stalk and stem to be sure. It's like drinking a dispensary.

Furthermore, because Dude's Brews has federal permission from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau for General Washingtons, it can be sold legally in all 50 states … more than you could say about any single weed product alone.

Suck it, Alabama. Weed is coming to you whether you like or not.

Dude's Brews created this concoction because they believe weed not only belongs in beer, but that adding it into their already existing line of craft beer sends an important message about the state of marijuana legalization to both beer drinkers and booze industry bosses alike. For the record, General Washington's Secret Stash actually uses a C Sativa stalk and stem that is THC Free. 

“We believe cannabis should be removed from scheduling, just like alcohol and tobacco," Mason “Dude” Hembree explains. "We believe our beer will help bring the debate to the local bar, tavern and liquor store. What better way to introduce the softer side of the plant than through a beverage America already loves and accepts?”

In fact, the brewery hopes that the weed beer will set an example of how other booze companies should approach their cannabis competition. While most of the alcohol industry seems to be intimidated by weed and starkly opposes marijuana legalization on the grounds that it could put a dent in booze sales, Dude's Brews is straight-up capitalizing on legalization by creating a product consumer markets of both weed and booze can enjoy.

“Federal approval or not, this is rebellious, and we know the reform effort is far from over … We’re going up against a daunting status quo," Hembree says.

Dude's Brews will show off some General Washington's Secret Stash at the this year's Great American Beer Festival (where the crowd went nuts for it last year), and they're also seeking like-minded revolutionaries to support their weed beer efforts on their Kickstarter page. All supporters that join the cause will be given lifetime placement of their name, initials, or message on the packaging for General Washington’s Secret Stash.

“We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to say they helped tip the scales in favor of American cannabis reform,” Hembree explained. “If this Trojan horse of an idea helps to change the opinions of the remaining laggards in the US, then our supporters deserve the lifetime notoriety we’re providing through our project.”

How sweet!

Now, because General Washington's isn't in stores yet but you still want a taste, here's a video Hembree made about it so you can salivate and get dry mouth at the same time.