Jager bombs for life. That is, of course, unless you're fighting for your life because of a suffocating toxic haze emanating from a swimming pool. At a recent Jagermeister event in Leon, Mexico, the promoter decided to take the party to the next level by dumping liquid nitrogen into the swimming pool to set the smoky mood. Instead, he set off a chemical reaction between the gas and the chlorine that produced a toxic haze that sent party-goers running and swimmers fighting for air. When paramedics arrived, they rescued revelers, some unconscious, and took them to the hospital. One 21-year-old man is in a coma and eight others are experience cardiovascular problems as a result of the event. 

That's the thing with Jager, you never know whether it's going to fuck up your life or not. But you have to give it to the Mexicans, even while their fellow comrades are dropping like flies, they keep the music blasting and the party going.