We’ve got a special, certain kind of love for mixtapes. Not only do they put a fresh coat of paint on sometimes older classics, but it often introduces us to new artists and allows the curator a healthy dose of tunes to show off his or her skills. It’s a win for the producer and a win for the listener – who’s to bitch?

Such is the case with the new mixtape dropped from Colorado local producer / DJ / emcee the Almighty I.Z. Normally one can find him behind the decks supporting other local acts, but today he wanted to release a treat all his own.

Let us just say that this mixtape is like refreshments for your inner ears. The Almighty I.Z. has managed to seamlessly throw together listenable melodies to fancy accord. Translation = shit is dope.

Listen below or follow here to his Soundcloud to get your free download on.

01 ALMiGHTY I.Z. – Kova Bounce
02 Dry Bread – Words to My Song (ALMiGHTY I.Z. B-Boy EDIT)
03 The Gods – Hey Bulldog (ALMiGHTY I.Z. REMIX)
04 ALMiGHTY I.Z. – Galactic Warfare
05 ALMiGHTY I.Z. – Dreams
06 US Port Authority Soul Band – You Can’t Get Down If You Can’t Get Up (ALMiGHTY I.Z. REMIX)
07 Apache – Liberte (ALMiGHTY I.Z. REMIX)
08 The Virtues – Guitar on the Wild Side (ALMiGHTY I.Z. REMIX)
09 Birtha – Judgement Day (ALMiGHTY I.Z. REMIX)
10 Pucho and the Latin Soul Brothers – Got Myself a Good Man DRUM BREAK (ALMiGHTY I.Z. B-Boy EDIT)
11 Grupo ABC – Przeminelo z Wiatrem Tyle Dni (ALMiGHTY I.Z. B-Boy EDIT)
12 Joe Corney Multi-Organ Sound – Moon Over Beatland (ALMiGHTY I.Z. REMIX)
13 The Winstons – Amen Brother (ALMiGHTY I.Z. B-Boy EDIT)
14 Abra K Dabra – JuJu (ALMiGHTY I.Z. B-Boy REMIX)
15 Bobby Valentin – Use it Before You Lose It (ALMiGHTY I.Z. B-Boy REMIX)