Bagger43's limits know no bounds. From patches, to paper, to murals, he's put his creation on pretty much any surfance you can imagine. You might think that's an exaggeration, but with his experimental style, we know there is nothing the dude behind @bag43 won't try. 

On a Friday/Saturday night, you’re usually doing what?
Catching up with friends, watching a movie, or hanging out

Favorite Star Wars movie: 
Return of the Jedi

Who’s your biggest fan?
Not sure 

Favorite artificial candy flavor:

Go-to color combo:
Navy blue and some type of green

Can you tell us what’s in your fridge without looking?
Not much 

Weirdest thing you’ve grabbed inspiration from: 
Neon label tag off a luggage 

Let’s start with the basics. What is your favorite method for creating? 
Ink and currently acrylic gouache. 

What’s the name behind Bagger?
I used to be a grocery Bagger in high school, my work number was 'Bagger 43.'

What’s going through your head during the process? Do you usually know where your piece is going or do you let the art take you there? 
It depends usually on the project. My sketchbook pages are more free-form and spontaneous. If i have a clear idea in mind, then I usually aim for the direction and plan out a process.

One aspect of your work that is super powerful is the representation of women and men, especially the diversity of their faces, hair, bodies, clothing, paint colors. Are the portraits based off people you know and what inspired you to create portraits in the first place?
A lot of the people I illustrate are made up. Sometimes I draw from a reference as a starting point and make up hairstyles, features, etc as I go. 

Your sister is an artist as well — does the creative gene run in the family? 
Yes, my mother is pretty crafty and my father used to doodle a but not much these days.

It was cool getting to know your Instagram and seeing different 'eras' of work. Your oil on wood painting is very different from your acrylic painting that you did in the Moleskin journals, which is different from your acrylic paint on water color paper. Do you challenge yourself to push your style or is this something that naturally happens?
I'm naturally curious, which leads to often experimenting with different mediums. I'm fascinated by the different ways you can create images with different mediums. 

You’ve participated in a lot of art shows, galleries, zines, etc. Do you have a favorite? 
I enjoy creating pieces and showcasing works in collections just as much as I enjoy creating art for products (patches, posters, zines etc) . Majority of the work I enjoy create usually falls in one of the two categories.

You love Star Wars. Tell us about that. 
I'm actually a lightweight later-fan of Star Wars as a whole. I am a huge fan of the troopers and suit/costume designs! I tend to nerd out over any new trooper design that comes out.

Dream gig?
Working on my own projects full-time.

What’s a goal you want to accomplish this year?
Spending more time working bigger works

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Instagram: @bags43