What do vocal cord issues, a butchered haircut and a swift kick in the balls – rendering them numb and useless – all have in common? Besides defining the current state of our government, they’re all disastrous to those in certain fields of the entertainment industry.

Luckily, (though unfortunately) for Amanda Hawkins – she’s only had to endure one of those. After two unexpected surgeries for vocal cord issues and nearly six months of recovery took hold of her singing career, Hawkins has launched a come back of sorts with the release of a lyric video for her new single “Save My Soul.”

I'm really excited, ‘Save My Soul’ is my first single being released after my vocal cord surgery. I hold this song close to me. It’s about an internal struggle of someone trying to pull herself out of a toxic relationship, and she's trying to snap herself out of a really dark place. By the end of the song, she ends up having the strength. I think we all have to make hard decisions to remove negativity out of our lives, and we end up finding strength we didn't think we had before.

Hawkins signed with New York based label Strictly Rhythm in November of 2011 and released her first single for the label “Get Back in Line” in October of 2012. “Save My Soul” is the follow up single that was near finished some time ago, but delayed because of her health issues. The label plans to pitch the song to commercial industries later this fall – while Hawkins will see herself on stage for a string of local shows, including one at The Hard Rock Café on October 25th, 2013.

Watch below for the full lyric video.