Hey Jared,

I'm Anton Sawyer, an uber-constituent of yours that feels some of your recent actions are total bullshit. But don't fret, it's nothing that would be considered an "emergency" in your world. My despair merely stems from the way you've been playing political ping-pong with real human lives—because you've used my tax dollars to do it, these actions seem to be something you are kosher with.

Mazel tov?

Before I bring about a cacophony of caca to your doorstep, I think it's important that you know overall, I like a lot of things you've done. For instance, I think signing SB 217 into law, thereby attempting to raise police accountability for their heinous misdeeds, was a step in the right direction. And I did support you in your 2022 re-election campaign. Speaking of, next time you release a YouTube ad featuring your dog, get a different voice actor. And that's another thing, you're a dog lover, and every one of those I know is generally a caring person.

That's why I feel when it comes to your recent actions of removing migrants out of Colorado and sending them to different locations (on the backs of taxpayers) is a move that reeks of Republicanism—an idea that's predicated on doing what's "right" all while being one logical step away from complete failure. I say this for two simple reasons: Texas and Florida–two of the most popular arrival destinations for those migrants (according to the Colorado Sun).

I'm going to assume you were telling the truth when you said an "estimated" 70% of them were trying to get somewhere else, and that was the main reason for their movement. Regardless of this reasoning, you had to have known that with each ticket purchased to either Texas or Florida, you were sending that migrant to two of the worst places you possibly could for an illegal immigrant. Whether they said that's where they wanted to go or not, I can't see in any context where this is a good idea.

Assuming again that the truth is being told and Florida or Texas was their final destination, there's no way the local authorities of that area could have been hoodwinked by their arrival. Everyone that had the ability to either transfer them or detain them would have been aware. And if their families happen to be here illegally, then their freedom and/or stability would be jeopardized. Not to mention, with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis having been the subject of a human trafficking probe because of what he's done to the migrants there, is adding another catastrophic outcome something you want as a part of your legacy?

Look, Jared, I understand. There are no easy answers here. I have had many friends and co-workers who came here illegally and hearing their stories of the path toward citizenship was hearing detailed examples of bureaucratic ineptitude at its finest. I also know that Colorado’s resources are running thin, so housing becomes a major concern. But that's the rub, resources are running thin everywhere there's a state with a conscience. That’s why you need to get creative and find a way to make each person a number added to the whole and not a negative statistic. Maybe provide state tax-break incentives for employers who hire people with an ITIN to get them employed quickly and paying taxes. Look at the legislature expanding the verbiage as to who can qualify for special state work programs while keeping everything out of federal reach, perhaps?

All of the above? None of the above?

I'm sure that with your knowledge of political maneuvering being as robust as it is, you could think of a thousand different ways to increase the chances that the lives of these migrants can be improved. And for the love of God, I hope the part of your brain that constructs these good ideas starts to override wherever the hell the thought of shipping ANYONE to Florida was a good idea came from.

With love,