Sounds to us like this dude needs to go buy himself a Powerball ticket, like now.

Do you ever sit there wondering — be it while you're high or just immeasurably bored at the DMV — what you would do if you were ever lost on an empty island with no way to get back to civilization?

You're more likely to win Powerball than you are ever having this happen to you, but it still does happen. Your chances of being rescued, even now with updated technology and very few untouched locales in the world, are pretty slim too. For one dude named Termini who got lost when he was out hunting for oysters, his new favorite show is probably Animal Planet's "River Monsters" — because had it not been for them filming an episode in the waters of Australia, he'd be a goner.

"We, first of all, saw a cooler on the rocks, and then one of us spotted, there’s somebody there,” host Jeremy Wade tells Inside Edition. “He immediately came down to the water and he was yelling out, ‘Give me something to drink, give me something to drink.’”

“He had said his last prayer,” director Stephen Shearman adds. “He was prepared to die and meet his maker.”

Termini claims to have been out on the island for only 60 hours, however, he was without food and water, quickly nearing the 100 hour mark humans can go without either. Had this show filmed the day after, the story would likely be a far more grim one than the current heroic outcome. 

Sounds to us like Termini needs to go buy himself a Powerball ticket, like now.