Spirit communicates via pictures, and symbols, like a slideshow.  The universe then allows Ivy to tap into these pictures so she can impart information.

There are different types of Psychic Readings and Healings.  Ivy is a Clairvoyant, (seer) and  a Clairsentient (empathic, knowing) Reader.  Ivy can “see” into your aura to identify modes of behavior or beliefs that may be holding you back. These beliefs and behavior can be  remaining and influencing you from  a past life!

Healing occurs when Ivy identifies what your stuck energy is,  When noticed, the pattern shifts and the misguided energy can clear.  Ivy taps into the universal energy and heals you from the aura in. 

You will leave a Psychic Reading from Ivy feeling Clear, focused,  settled and peaceful, a great way to start the new year.

Ivy is a trained Clairvoyant Reader and Healer.  Her whole life has been about working with Spirit and energy. Ivy is passionate about bringing ‘Spirit to the People”. It has taken some focused practice to ‘bring down the life force’ and share it.  It feels like a soothing warm blanket, and  It looks like sparkly Golden Light filling you up with each breath and infusing and surrounding you with lifeforce.

A typical reading starts with a prayer. Then Ivy will ask you to say your name three times. This is the time for any special concerns or questions. Usually a reading consists of looking at and describing your “soul essence” in present time. Ivy discusses your general outlook, health and personality as it is presented. Communication and self- expression layers  show up next and with what you have for self-protection. Ivy looks at what agreements you have  with other souls  that affect your present life experience.

Usually, some energy that is not yours shows up at this time and Ivy will try and gleen information regarding this ‘cording’ or just clear  your aura to give you some space from these interferences and energetic parasites.

Ivy can then look at some past lives that are  influencing you. For instance,  if you died young in your last life-time, you may be trying to cram in a lot of living into a short timeframe. This may give you insight as to why you must  keep going at all costs and feel like a candle buring brightly from both ends resembling a stick of dynamite.

Chakra reading gives  insight into each area of your life. The first through three Chakras address your survival, emotional, and power issues. The upper Chakras start to address your connection to the divine and show how you feel about yourself, love, communication and self-expression. Your third eye – the  sixth Chakra  – illustrates how you see the world.  Next is your  connection to your higher self and how you want to present yourself to the world. Ivy then can  check out your relationship and creative space.

An overall healing can then occur and questions can be asked. Ivy  addresses how each question appears  and what energies may be affecting and influencing it.  

Spirit communicates with us constantly. We just need to be open to noticing the guideposts and messages. Ivy can help clear some of the blocks between you, your own Clarity, and Spirit.+
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