No, 84pages isn't a bizarre typo, it's the name of our favorite artist this month. Yes, you, of course we asked him why he calls himself that, amongst other things like what kind of superhero he'd be and how art has changed his life.

Name: Page Sanderson

Nickname: 84PAGES

Height: 5' 11''

Eye color: Blue/Green… Hazel?

Music preference: Oingo Boingo or Gorillaz

Burrito or sushi: Burrito

Worst job you’ve ever had: Deep cleaning the dorms up at UW, gnarly!

Most dangerous thing you’ve done: Diving off the peak of my parents house into massive snow drifts probably wasn't to safe in retrospect.

Other talent, besides art: I can play guitar and cook some pretty good food from time to time.

Can’t live without: Family and friends

Best color combination: Blue, pink, and white

Best gift for Valentine’s Day: Adobe Creative Suite

It’s 4am after a crazy night, you’re eating: Pizza

Biggest pet peeve: Loud chewers


You’re style is so unique, how would you describe it?

Urban Illustration, cartoons meet street.

What do most people say when they see your work?

"It's so clean" or "what is it" are the top 2 I usually hear while live painting.

What do your parents say when they see your work?

Always good and positive things, They are very proud that I'm following my passion.

What time of day or in what setting do you like working the most?

As long as I have music I can work anywhere any time.

What’s the most difficult aspect about being an artist?

Self doubt, it's a personal struggle that can leave you crippled up on the couch for days even years for some folk but it's a feeling we all have to deal with from time to time.

What’s the most rewarding aspect of being an artist?

There are tons but the one that's always really mattered most to me is this strange feeling of bliss when I'm in the middle of a piece. It's a moment where any song can be playing, I can be painting in front of a few hundred people or just laying down ink in the kitchen and it's always out of no where, I just feel incredibly happy and I fall deeper in love with life at the moment. I'm so grateful for the way art has changed my life.

If you weren’t an artist, what would you be doing?

Milk man by day and crime fighter by night, aka MOO-MAN.

Why 84pages? Why not 83 or 85?

Born in '84.

Do chicks dig artists?

Duh, artists are the coolest people on earth. Whats not to dig?

Do you have a favorite subject matter?

Monsters and ghosts, can't get enough of 'em.

How do you think you’ve evolved as an artist over the years?

I can see my work progressing in many ways, always finding new techniques everyday and that always creates a better final piece.

Shameless plug (where can someone find more of your work):

84pages on Facebook and Instagram.