When it comes to the creative world, there's not much Denver native Tristan Minton doesn't do.

When it comes to the creative world, there's not much Denver native Tristan Minton doesn't do. The soon-to-be father operates Royal Stain Design, which specializes in illustration, branding, and artistic directing, and when he's not doing that, he's making crazy ass murals, graffiti and paintings. Basically … if you give this man something a pen, he'll draw on your walls.

We caught up with Tristan to find out how he manages to stay inpsired despite his hectic schedule … and obviously what his tattoo situation is, giggle.

Full name: Tristan Minton
Nickname: Pager, Trees, Royal Stain.
Hometown: Mile High City!
Best Gatorade flavor: The frosty white one. Not sure what it’s called.
Sushi or burrito: Sushi! But first, a breakfast burrito! I’m a fat kid at heart…

Do you have any tattoos?
If so, how many?

Somehow, I avoided getting any tats. I think it’s due to creating so much art and I always like the newest thing I make; if I had any tattoos, I would probably be covered cause every day I make something new.

Have you ever been arrested?
I have been in handcuffs quite a few times, and somehow manage to talk my way back out of them. 🙂

Astrological sign:
Virgo, I think.

One thing you can’t live without: 
Mainly my eyes, hands, and all my tools (Wacom, computer, paint, wife and baby about to be here).

What attracts you to the urban/street style?
I have always been attracted to urban/street art. I’ve skated my whole life and just skating in the streets and having so many friends that did graffiti, I was bound to get sucked into it. And I did.

Where do you draw inspiration from?
Inspiration comes from everywhere, I’m so diverse in what I do from corporate design, to graffiti murals, to video productions — everything inspires me. I love looking at ads and inspiring videos, and it all just pushes me to do more and reach out more because there’s no reason I shouldn’t be getting paid to do it! “Someone has to, so why not me?” is constantly in my head.

When is your favorite time to work?
For anyone who knows me, I don’t stop working. It’s a constant 24/7 thing, as I go from computer, to paint, to drawing, to filming, there is too much to accomplish to stop … Although night is my favorite!

Walk us through a typical painting from start to finish.
I almost always have 10+ projects going at once, so I’m usually going from one to the other to stay constantly inspired. The only paintings I usually do all at once are graffiti pieces as time is slim to do things for fun that don’t generate money. I usually try and start early and hammer it out. But generally, music is involved and I usually try and film myself working so it’s always multi-tasking.

Where can people find more of your work?
Best place is @RoyalStain on Instagram as I upload a lot of pics and progress shots you can usually only see there. Other than that, RoyalStain.com is my site and has a lot of stuff on it; you can go to YouTube and type in RoyalStain and see a ton of videos.

Any last shout-outs?
Keep an eye out for my new headwear company Oak and Marble LTD — we’re making some really high-end hats and apparel that will be available soon! We also do Private Label hats and have been helping a lot of companies create amazing hats to reflect their business! I smell a Rooster hat coming soon!