"Find what you love and turn it into poop, or a living," is basically what Ryan Morse told us.

Name: Ryan Morse
Nickname: Fly Bird, Biscuit, Re The Younger
Place of origin: Denver
Shoe size: 19.8
Hair color: Brown
Organ donor: Yes
Best flavor of Doritos: Classic nacho cheese
Hidden talent: Everything, fart noises with my hands and that's about it.
Suit or sweatpants: Sweatpant suit, of course.

What sparked your interest in art/illustration?
I've always had an interest in art, but it was the idea that I could create anything that pushed my pursuit in art and illustration.

Who are artists/illustrators that influenced your work?
My friends in school, college and now. My father. All the current greats right now: James Jean, Sterling Hundley, Ashley Wood, James Gurney, Donato, Jeremy Mann and so on. All the "old" greats: Waterhouse, Sargent, Zorn, Wyeth, Howard Pyle, Harvey Dunn … I could go forever.

How do people describe your work?
Life-altering experience that they will pass down for generations, or something like that.

When and where do you like to work?
In my studio in the morning in dead silence.

What medium do you prefer to work in?
I usually work in about 50/50 oil and/or acrylic, but lately I've been using casein.

Any parting words for the readers?
Find what you love and turn it into poop, or a living. Whatever the case may be, do what you want. Food lovers, you’re in luck.

Is there anywhere people can view or obtain your work? Through my website morseillustration.com, on my Instagram @morse_illustration or email me for commissions at morseillustration@gmail.com.