by Dave Sheets

I remember meeting this super nice guy named Pat. At the time we didn’t know much about each other but we talked a lot about snowboarding, art and a little about life. I could tell immediately that Pat was open-minded and wasn’t afraid to take risks. Soon after, I realized that this super nice, open-minded, risk taking son-of-a-bitch sure had a way of talking me into doing just about anything.

Suddenly, this last summer, I found myself in the middle Brazilian Jungle building a spine skateboard ramp with nothing but the drill I happened to bring, a tape measure, but no wood or any other supplies. We looked at each other, both jetlagged and confused, understanding how bad of a situation we were in, but making it seem like it was no big deal as we began to beg, barter and steal all that was required to pull off the mission. Basically, it was just another nail in each of our coffins as we continued to navigate our way through the mud of South America.  

I have learned over the years working with Pat that sleep is over-rated, but necessary when possible. Whether it is under a half built skate ramp, or using a New Mexican grocery store parking lot as your hotel because your Truck broke down while on tour. Sometimes even tall ladders stacked on vans to paint 2-story murals work, even when you don’t want to be the one climbing up them. Pat is always fifteen minutes late for everything. We have been though bloody faces, river swims, bike rides, snowboard street missions, wearing boxes as rain coats, encounters with cops in foreign lands, AK-47s, being way too high from paint fumes, vegetarian meals, skating and so much more. Always drawing from what feels right at the time and doing what has to be done.

Lately life has been very generous allowing us as friends and creators an opportunity to hang out, create talk sh*t and paint more and more together. I’m not really sure why it has taken this long for it to happen, but it is shaping up into something new and evolving. Our styles are completely different, but they somehow work together and it’s changing the way we both approach blank spaces that call for more. While there is no plan or strategy to see where this goes, nor should there be, one thing is sure for both of us it’s “CREATE or DIE.”

So now, without further ado, the art:

Dave Sheets born in Baltimore, Maryland is currently residing in Denver, Colorado. Dave specializes as an artist, designer, wood-worker, skateboarder and could make anything out of wood with his hands you would ask for.

Pat Milbery born in St. Paul, Minnesota is currently residing in Golden, Colorado. Pat is an artist, creator, prankster, founded So-Gnar and is approaching his 10th season as a professional snowboarder. Born an creator, he loves seeing his friends happy and smiling, doing what they are talented at in life. 

Dave Sheets Vitals

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 160

Shoe Size: 9

Favorite color combination: black on black

Favorite ice cream flavor: mint chocolate chip

Weirdest thing you have in your fridge right now: coconut kefir

Spirit animal: jackalope

Cheeseburger or hot dog: buffalo burger

It's 3am after a wild night, what are you eating? another beer

First CD you bought: Sublime

Best movie villain: Keyser Soze

Suit or sweatpants: suit coat no pants

Burrito or sushi: burrito loaded with green chill

Tequila or jager: tequila 


Pat Milbery Vitals

Height: 6 footer even

Weight: 168 pounds

Shoe Size: 9

Favorite color combination: black & teal

Favorite ice cream flavor: chocolate chip cookie dough

Weirdest thing you have in your fridge right now: my roommates' leftover Burger King cheeseburgers

Spirit animal: dragon

Cheeseburger or hot dog: veggie burger

It's 3am after a wild night, what are you eating? Cosmo's Pizza

First CD you bought: Beatles "Sargent Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band"

Best movie villain: Freddie Krueger

Suit or sweatpants: Marine-issued sport coat

Burrito or sushi: burrito with green chili

Tequila or jager: coffee