The beauty of Andrew Harr’s art lies in the details—or lack thereof. Using just a palette knife and a vast knowledge of pop culture, he transforms our favorite characters into something hardly recognizable — a hurdle he admittedly enjoys. Above his unbelievable level of talent, what makes Harr fascinating is his ability to bridge the gap of fine art and pop culture, helping fans find their latent love of art. We talked with the talented artist about all things process, perfection and pizza.

Hometown: Patterson, California
Favorite pizza topping: Probably just basic pepperoni. 
Beach or mountains: That's hard, but beach.
Best piece of advice: Just keep dreaming and don't give up. Tiny steps turn into bigger ones.
Strangest thing in your fridge: Turmeric juice shots.
Favorite cartoon character: Bugs Bunny.
Every artist should have: Lots of paper towels.
Favorite late-night snack? Ice Cream.
If you had a superpower, what would it be and why?  I think maybe teleportation.

What bands are you listening to when you're in the studio creating? 
I listen to a lot of random podcasts while I am painting. As for music, it's mostly instrumental tracks from bands like Lane8, Daft Punk, Deadmau5.

What is your first memory of pop culture and why do you think you were drawn to it initially?
I think we are all drawn to it and that is what is appealing to me. I think that with pop culture I get a very wide range of attraction and I just enjoy it so much. It also draws people to the world of art who previously had no interest in it. I have had so many people tell me that they were never really into art until they saw my stuff which is the ultimate compliment.

Do you have a preference between characters, companies, etc?
I think all things Star Wars are the most fun for me.

What are some of your most memorable accomplishments as an artist? 
I remember my first painting that I shipped to another country. At this point I think I have at least one painting on every continent and I lost count of how many countries— it's so crazy to think about.

How long would you say a standard painting takes start to finish?
About 30 – 120 minutes.

What are some of the pros and cons to working with a pallet knife to achieve your signature look? 
Well, I think the pros are part of the cons. I can sometimes be a bit of a perfectionist so, the palette knife curbs that and allows me to be free of it and say screw that perfectly straight line haha.  Perfection is an illusion anyway. I also really like the feeling of applying paint with the palette knife over using a brush.

What is it about keeping the paintings abstract that you love so much? It gives me freedom to play with an image rather than just make a photocopy of it with paint. It's like a game of "how far can I take this"? 
When will it cease to be comprehensible? My favorites are the ones where people don't see what it is immediately.

Which pop culture character do you believe is the most iconic of all time?
The Joker.

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