Where are you from? 

Aurora, Colorado 

Spirit animal?

That’s easy…hummingbird!

What's the last text message you sent?

Nothing cool or interesting, I wish it was. 

Go to fast food order?

Chick-fil-a, I’ll eat anything on the menu. 

What inspired you to get into art?

Realizing my life was empty if I wasn’t doing what I was passionate about. I had an intense vision for this painting, so I carried it out and felt something I hadn’t experienced before so I left everything to go after a dream. 

Weirdest thing that's happened when painting a mural?

Getting offered sex for a sandwich by homeless a chick. I also had another women threaten to kill me for no reason. 

How many murals have you painted to date?

Hard to say, a lot, but still not enough. 

Describe the Denver art scene.

Denver is emerging into the international art scene especially with what they’re doing with Crush Walls and the Raw Project. Denver is home to tons of amazing artists and honestly a good place to be to catch good opportunity’s in art. 

Upcoming special projects?

Yes, a project in Puerto Rico, a massive project for the city of Northglenn-I’m painting a 300 ft tunnel. 

What were your highlights of 2018?

Crush walls was amazing…I painted for graffiti mansion #4 in Las Vegas which was also dope, and I just got back from Art Basel in Miami. 

Special projects in 2019?

I won a big Artist call for the city of Northglenn, definitely a huge honor to be selected out of all the artists that applied. 

Where can Colorado see your art?

800 park ave west

77 Vassar 

29th and Blake 

26 and Larimer 

7036 E. Colfax

East colfax/ south broadway/ RiNo/ highlands/ five points 

Shameless plug(s)?


What inspired the art on Universal Herbs?

The neighborhood. It’s like a melting pot of different people, people with a lot of character, people who just need some hope. 

How has social media affected you as an artist?

This is prolly the best question yet. Honestly, I love getting a response from friends and fans seeing work I do on social media. I love being able to put my work out there in that way, however I hate how much we as a culture strive off of comparison. I’m friends who the amazing artists all over the world, I feel like the ones who really made it onto another level kind of died to comparison and just continued to make art from the heart. Social media can paint a picture that isn’t true as well. I think for a while I was under the notion that my art would be doing best when my social media blew up. My Facebook gets a lot of love but my insta still feels like it’s less strong than my art is. Then, I look around at artists like Shepa, I see that he continues to make some of the strongest visionary art without having a huge following. Once again proving, social media isn’t everything thing, it’s just extra, and can turn us basic real quick. 

photos were take at Universal Herbs 800 Park West, Denver