Nickname(s): Godfathers of Pixel 
What’s your favorite comfort food? Spaghetti with tomato sauce. 
Favorite time of day to make art: Late night 
Best music to create digital art with? Changes, hard to say. 
Legend of Zelda Gameboy or Pokemon Gameboy? SuperMario 



Who would you consider some of your artistic influences?
LEGO, Supermarkets.  

How long does it take to design one of your city-scapes? 
Sometimes it takes years as other projects come in. But the absolute minimum is 6 weeks. 

Your pixoramas are like little cosmos unto themselves — what’s it like designing art that tells so many little stories? 
We’re kids, making and playing with our own toys. Pixoramas are full of happy accidents, they soon develop a life of their own and tell their own stories. 

If you could live in any one of your pixoramas, which would it be and why?
Haha, no idea. Can’t answer that one. We would move from one to another. 

What about pixels attracts you to them as a medium for your art? 
The pixel is the perfect module. In itself, it is complete; an image by itself. But it combines beautifully with other pixels to whatever complexity is needed. And then there is the ease of sharing of digital art. 


What’s the most unique way you’ve seen your art applied? 
A guy did build a giant Blockbob of wood for an exhibition. People were able to walk inside. 

Do you have a favorite character you use? Or one that pops up in a lot of your work?
Blockbob is a favorite. But then again, we’re always in love with the characters we’re currently working with. 

You’re known to sneak eggs into your work. What are some of your favorite Easter Eggs you’ve snuck into your pieces? 
Not sure. We try to make every detail matter and keep things open and not too defined. Our world is built out of easter eggs. 

If you could make a videogame out of your art, what would it be about/what would the objective be? 
It would probably be some kind of a building game. Something that mimics how we work. We would create a tool if we had the ability. 

Where is Waldo? 
Haha good question!