When Eggzoo sits down at his digital easel and starts drawing, the traditional East collides with the retro West. It's a neon mash-up of culture, style, Arcade nostalgia, geometry and characters who look like they walked out of psychedelic redux of Streetfighter. Between his thematic art and the vibrant color pallet he's carved his name with, Eggzoo's illustrations are hypnotizing to behold. And they speak to the '80s and '90s kids in all of us. 


35 year-old, Male, Indonesia.


Pencil or Pixel? (Do you prefer digital or traditional mediums?)

When I first became an illustrator, I used a lot of traditional techniques with a few digital combinations. Now, I use almost all digital tools. So maybe I prefer to use digital but I miss using traditional techniques.


What is your tool of choice?

Software: Clip Studio Paint Pro. Procreate, Adobe Photoshop.

Hardware: Wacom Cintiq, iPad Pro.


'80s American culture definitely has a presence in your work. 

My work is dominated by '80s American style, maybe because my childhood was colored by games and movies, like Nintendo, arcades and cartoon movies from America. It's stuck with me to this day. Maybe that is what caused me to create a lot of '80s style work. It's all about nostalgia!


Favorite music to listen to while you work?

1. Kiai Kanjeng (Traditional Japanese Gamelan Music)

2. Ambient Music

3. Hardcore Punk

4. Budha Bar

How long have you been practicing your craft?

Maybe this answer will sound cliche but this is what I really feel. To this day I am still learning and enriching all the works of art that I create.


On average, how long do you think you spend on one piece of art?

If all goes well, I can do one of my art pieces in one to three days.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

I once got advice from someone who was quite influential in my life. He said, "Luck will come to you, not measured by your hard work and sweat, but by the quality of your work."


Current TV show you’re watching?

La Casa de Papel.


What’s your favorite thing to illustrate?

I want to illustrate a quote from a big figure in my country. It's "Be Sovereign in Yourself."

Favorite color?

All neon colors. Best is #FF00AC.


Who are some of your idols?

The one and only, my dad.


In your opinion, has social media made the world a better place or a worse place?

In my opinion, the most important thing in how we use social media is our awareness of choosing. Choosing to be the subject or the object. Those who are successful in being socialized by media are those who are aware of being the subject and provides everything cool and positive on social media.


Would you rather be without TV/Movies or without video games?

Neither. To create things it is very necessary to see and enjoy what creative people create too.


If the world ended tomorrow, what would be your last meal?

I don't eat anything because I believe I can eat everything tomorrow in Heaven, of course. LOL!


Shameless Plug:

Instagram: @eggzoo

Behance: behance.net/eggzoo