Even though they grew up some 6,000 miles away from Hollywood, the Van Orton twins exude American pop culture. Drench themselves in it, even. And it all came from a shared love of basketball greats and classic ‘80s movies growing up — Teen Wolf, Back to the Future, The Shining, Top Gun … you get the idea. Together, their unmistakable vintage vibe transforms childhood memories into glowing works of art; darting neon bands scream out: “I feel the need … the need for speed!”


A/S/L? Both 35, we’re twins 🙂 / M / Rivoli (Turin), Italy
Analog or digital? Digital.
Marvel or DC? Marvel.
Best movie of all time? Blade Runner.
Who was the best Batman? Michael Keaton.
Favorite toy as a kid? He-Man & Skeletor.
Favorite toy as an adult? He-Man & Skeletor.
Who are some of your idols? Roy Lichtenstein / Steven Spielberg / Harrison Ford.


Porco Rosso

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Soon @mercedesbenzitalia #1000MigliaPOP

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How long have you both been doing this? 
For about 15 years, first as an employee in an agency and then as a freelance with our agency.

If you had an unlimited budget for a project, what would you create and why? 
We would like to create limited edition sneakers with Nike, maybe an Air Max 1. We are very fond of sneakers.

What does the future of art look like? 
I believe that (the art world) will travel more and more on digital and the possibilities of creating art will become simpler and within everyone’s reach. I admit that I appreciate some of my works more on digital mediums than printed.

What’s your biggest source of inspiration? 
We are full of input, and inspiration can come from any medium.

Should Hollywood keep remaking old classics or does it ruin them? 
I believe that it should not, just think of the last Indiana Jones — even if it is always Spielberg and Ford, the result is not the best.

If you could go back in time and tell your old self only one thing what would it be?  
I’d tell myself to buy even more toys.

What style of art do you think defines the 2010s the same way the neon style you’re known for defines the ’80s-’90s? 
I would say that it was the decade of fan art. I would call it a geek art.

In your opinion, what will be the demise of the human race? 
When I saw Ghostbusters 3, I thought that was the moment.


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