"… when I was young, I would sneak Zap Comix down into my room and read them through the wee hours of the night. Zap was my Playboy."

Name:Spencer Foreman
Height: Weird. Why?
Favorite Dorito flavor: Your mom
Worst celebrity: Taylor Swift
Music of choice: Run the Jewels
Hidden secret: Ask Victoria
Best one-liner: What's the difference between an oral thermometer and a rectal thermometer? The taste.

If you had to put a title on the style of work you do, what would it be?

I've never really thought about it. I move around a lot with drawing and painting and I never really sit with one theme or style for too long.

Are the characters you draw representations of people you know, or are they taken from fucked up dreams you have sometimes?

Influence comes from all over the place. Could be anything from a song, a cartoon, a night out drinking, a book or a friend that gets me thinking. A lot of the time, I just sit down and start working and see what comes out.

We see a lot of similarities between your work and R. Crumb; is he an inspiration of yours or is it just happenstance?

He is a huge part of why I draw what I do. My dad has always been a big fan and when I was young, I would sneak Zap Comix down into my room and read them through the wee hours of the night. Zap was my Playboy.

That Fritz the Cat character sure was a disgusting little bastard …

Disgusting like a fox. 

If you could have anybody pose for you (besides that weirdo from Titanic), who would it be and why?

Philip Seymour Hoffman. Now. Not alive.

Art supplies are pretty expensive. Have you ever had to get creative with the materials you use to cut down costs?

Fucking tell me about it man … I use everything I can get my hands on. If your sharpie ever went missing, I probably have it.

Who did/does it better: Andy Warhol or everyone who copies Andy Warhol?


What’s the hardest part of the body to draw? We think hands. It’s gotta be hands.

Hands are pretty rough. The hardest part for me is getting the body to show mass and hold weight. I need to do more figure studies. Luckily being weird has its advantages in not having to be completely accurate.

Do you have any advice for the younger generation of kids who want to be artists?

The more hours you practice the better you'll be. It's a direct relationship. Also, it may not ever feel like you're progressing, but you are. It's hard to see from the inside looking out.

What do you think the difference is between artists and non-artists?


How does an interested person get ahold of your work?

Denver/Boulder Buffalo Exchange locations are carrying a new exclusive shirt design from me (skull picture) and a free zine of a lot of my looser, fun sketch work. Everything else you can find at www.Spencertron.com or get at me on instagram at @spencertron.