If you feel like you've always wanted to know but never had a chance to see what world leaders do behind close doors, don't worry, Italian Artist, Cristina Guggeri gives you an detailed look at world leaders taking poops in her series called "Daily Duties." Adding to the humor of the gallery is the immense detail of the figures and their surrounding bathrooms. While President Obama sits on the throne suited for the White House, Valdimir Putin looks like he's taking a dump in a shutdown little league park bathroom. That's deep political humor right der folks! 

1. Angela Merkel, German Chancellor

2. President Barack Obama, United States

3. Vladimir Putin, President Russia

4. Pope Francis, Bishop of Rome

5. Dalai Lama

6. Silvio Burlesconi, Former Italian Prime Minister

7. Benyamin Netanyahu, Isreali Prime Minister

8. Queen Elizabeth