Colorado has been the mecca for electro soul music ever since local legend, Pretty Lights ascended to the throne in the 2010s. The movement has since influenced a whole generation of electro soul pioneers, including GriZ, Gramatik, Manic Focus, Maddy O’Neal, Late Night Radio, Daily Bread and Big Gigantic.

Motifv is another branch off of the Pretty Lights tree, both musically and quite literally, as he’s the younger brother of Pretty Lights (aka Derek Vincent Smith). Motifv, whose real name is Joseph Kechter, was born and raised in the foothills of Northern Colorado.

He began releasing music in 2018 and released his debut album, The Path, the following year. The album garnered him a loyal fanbase from which he could build upon, something that was all the more apparent as Pretty Lights disappeared from music the same year.

Motifv had proven more than capable of carrying the torch, however, and released his sophomore album, Dilated Mind, in 2021. The album marked a significant evolution in his sound, combining elements of bass, jazz, soul, blues, hip-hop, and more with his own distinct approach.

Motifv has been busy to start off 2024, headlining Denver’s Bluebird Theater and releasing a pair of EPs, Where the Sun Sets and Behind the Moon. Both projects are inspired by today’s solar eclipse, providing a unique way to mark the imminent moment of Where the Sun Sets / Behind the Moon.

“‘Behind the Moon’ stands as a reflective companion to ‘Where the Sun Sets’, encapsulating both a conclusion and a beginning of a new Motifv chapter. While building on the themes present in Where the Sun Sets, ‘Behind the Moon’ delves deeper into introspection and explores the moments of solitude and contemplation we all face. Echoing the natural phenomenon of the total solar eclipse occurring on April 8th, this companion EP explores the metaphorical interplay of light and shadow in our lives. During an eclipse, the moon obscures the sun, casting a shadow that envelops us in a momentary darkness—a powerful reminder for us of the cycles of hiding and revelation. ‘Where the Sun Sets’ / ‘Behind the Moon’ represent a unified journey through self-discovery and evolution, inspired by the worldwide experience of transition soon taking place above” – Motifv

It seems as though all is as it should be with Pretty Lights’ historical return to live music last year. Colorado electro soul is once again having its moment and Motifv looks poised to continue that trend. Most recently, Motifv was announced as an opener for STS9’s Red Rocks show on July 20th. Check out the official announcement below!