"So, what's your favorite song?"

This Saturday, May 7, local artists and entertainers are black again, bringing the city an evening of, well, art and entertainment. Dubbed #BlackSpring, the event brings together influencers, performers and other creative talent in the local scene that all share birthdays in the month of May. Also on site will be a photography installation by Glenn Ross and Jeremy Pape, featuring the Roux Black Consulting team's favorite adult "May Babies" — all combined for another seasonal installment of the series.

Before it all hits the fan, we asked the performers to share what their favorite songs are that they've created — or a favorite song in general — and why …

Ramond – "S.I.N.G.L.E" Feat. Jairon Jackson (Prod. Mahxie)

"Single is my favorite song because I wanted to create a modern look at the 'whys' of being single and shed a different light. I took a lot of time to write and piece together a song that FEELS like what being single actually feels like to me. The acronym for S.I.N.G.L.E in the song is Someday I'll Need a Girl's Love Everyday a concept that shows that everyone will need the love someone one day but that for different reasons 'Today Ain't The Day.'"


Amanda Hawkins – "Water"

"This song is about pushing through tough times. After going through battles with my old label, two vocal cord surgeries, and now trying to be a mother and an artist, I've learned that going with the flow of life is what it's all about. Things might get tough, but it's always an adventure and there's always something to learn."


Panama Soweto: "Jiggy Thompson's 'Give a Fuck'"

"The song is one for all the shade throwers!!! We literally could give a fuck"


Tronczarmee: "'My First Love' by Avant"

"My favorite song is 'My First Love' by Avant, because my dad and I used to sing it together. It was also the last song we got to listen to together, and it will forever be a part of my heart. It was OUR song ❤"


GhostDance – "Rain Dance"

"My favorite song that I've made may have to be the very first song I released as 'GhostDance.' 'Rain Dance' was put out almost 3 years ago, and it marked my full transition into electronic music. It's extremely raw because it was recorded live in a studio with an incredible saxophonist and Luke Sipka of Bells and Robes. I've come a long way in my production and style since then, but that was the most authentic experience with a song I've had and the energy was undeniable.

It's where GhostDance began and that's why it's special."

Cover Photo: Glenn Ross // "May Babies" Series: Jeremy Pape