Women do some really weird shit when they're alone …

The girls in Sally Nixon’s illustrations think they're alone. 

They don't know you're watching them, so they’re not posing, smiling, or doing anything even remotely interesting … but that's what makes her drawings so absorbing.

In our culture, women's actions and appearance are constantly evaluated and compared. Save for the rare moment when they're utterly alone (or just with their pets), chicks rarely have the burden of being judged lifted off their shoulders. Being in public, or even with a small group of friends carries certain expectations; wear a cute outfit, eat a logical amount of pizza, appear invitingly vulnerable yet strong yet delicate yet resilient … it can get old. Especially in the media where the expectation that women try to attain perfection is even greater. 

However, seeing women in Sally's art who are free to be themselves under the guise of solitude, when they're not being watched and aren’t being assessed, sucking in their stomachs, arching their backs, or dewily parting their lips, is poignant, refreshing, and deeply relatable.

"My goal with each drawing is to elevate the seemingly mundane to something special and worthy of being viewed," Sally told The Creator's Project.

Check it out: