When: August 26th at 1pm

Where: Reddit AMAs

What: DPD Police Chief Matt Murray tells you everything you need to know about legal weed in Colorado.


Denver Police Chief Matt Murray has scheduled a Reddit AMA for August 26th at 1pm to answer all your questions about the poor man's  meth, aka weed. Marijuana. Pot. Sticky icky. Whatever you call it, you can ask Matt about Colorado's new laws and regulations on Monday. To participate, all you need is a Reddit account.

Last week, following a Twitter debate about the media's use of plagarism, the Denver Police Department took to Reddit for it's first-ever AMA. The forum featured so many questions about marijuana that Matt Murray decided to devote next week's AMA entirely to the topic. But, Matt is bringing a secret weapon to Monday's session: Sergeant Andrew Howard, who's in charge of the marijuana task force.

"I'm not an expert," Murray says. "So to make sure people get good, solid answers to their questions, I'm bringing an expert: Sergeant Andrew Howard, who's been running our marijuana team for years and years."

We're pretty impressed Matt is willing to take the time to answer our questions. In fact, he quite enjoys speaking to the public about it. He said this about last week's AMA:

We really liked it. We thought it was a good exchange; we liked the forum and the ability to be casual when answering. I think people were surprised we weren't just giving canned answers.

This is cool. It's no Seattle Police Department Dorito stunt, but we're looking forward to asking Matt, "Blunt, or bong?"

Here's a link to last week's edit: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1kga82/iama_matt_murray_chief_of_staff_for_the_denver/