As a multi-creative based in Italy, Diego Cusano spends much of his time sketching everyday items with other everyday items as inspiration. In what he calls being a “fantasy researcher,” Diego grabs ideas from all types of inanimate objects — namely food. It all began when one day, during a break from recording one of his songs, he took a delicious salty cracker and turned it into a flag. The concept drew proverbial fire and eventually bred hundreds of others like it. Now, Cusano is working on publishing a book about the concept, all in the midst of designing a clothing line and still maintaining a life as a recording artist. “[Food] has always fascinated me,” he says. “The fridge looks like a portal, like Narnia! Only that instead of the wardrobe, there is the fridge to enter another dimension.”
After Cusano finishes a steady breakfast diet of 3 espressos followed by some bread, peaches, tomatoes and chocolate — and then an “after chocolate, chocolate” — he gets right to work sketching and envisioning new ideas.

Nothing of his mediums ever goes to waste. He eats it when the work is finished. “I've never wasted food for my work, everything I use I eat it,” Cusano says. “I am against those people who ruin the food, or those who break flowers to create a composition with the petals, it’s like a slap to what nature offers us.”

But is Cusano a good cook? “Oh yessa,” he says emphatically. “I'm a very good cook, all my friends come to dinner with me, my greatest dish is spaghetti alla carbonara."

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